WickedHD WCD-5801 Dual Lens Rear View Mirror Car Camera & DVR with Integrated 3.5″ Display, 1080P HD, Nightvision, Collision Detection, Super Wide 120° Viewing Angle, HDMI, Built-in Mic/Speaker, H.264, and More (Up to 32GB SDHC)

WickedHD 720P WCD-5801 Dual Lens Car Camera & DVR

Just attach the mount to your rearview mirror, insert an SD card (class 6 or higher), plug the power adapter into a USB port or cigarette lighter socket, and you’re ready. The front and rear view dual cameras start automatically when the car does, and can be set to begin recording when vibration is detected. The 3.5″ high-res LCD screen provides instant video playback. You can transfer the videos to your computer via SD or even use the HDMI cable to easily watch footage on a computer monitor or TV. It’s that simple. The WCD-5801 continues the WickedHD tradition of combining superior product builds, feature-rich designs, and unmatched affordability by including a 1 Year US Warranty guaranteed by Foscam, making it one of the best values available for a dashcam purchase (list of features and specs provided below).


Video: 1080P (Single Mode), 720P (Dual Mode)
LCD: 3.5″ / 2 Million Pixels
Lens: Wide 120°
Rotation Angle: 180°
Night Vision: Yes
Audio: Built-in Mic/Speaker
Memory: SD Card (Up to 32GB)
G-sensor: Automatic Recording of Collisions
Loop Record Option: Automatically Replace Old Footage
HDMI Out: Easy Viewing on Monitors, TVs


Video Format: AVI with H.264 Compression
Camera: 5MP/3MP/1MP
ISO: Auto/100/200/400
Photo Format: JPG
Loop Recording: Off/2min/5min/10min
Framerate: 30fps
Power Consumption:300mA


WickedHD WCD-5801
Car Charger
USB Cable
HDMI Cable
English User Manual
1 Year US Warranty when Purchased from Foscam

Product Features

  • Full and Smooth HD Dual View Recording at 30 FPS for 720P (1080P in Single View Mode), with Automatic Collision Detection and IR Night Vision Abilities. G-Sensor Enabled Recording Can Automate Video Capture When Any Sudden Braking, Impact, Rapid Acceleration or Sharp Cornering Occurs.
  • Auto-Start and On-Spot Playback Provide Ease of Use. High Definition Video Compression with Smooth Image Processing, plus Smart Power Engineering for Energy Efficient Operation via USB or Cigarette Lighter Socket. Super Wide 120° Lens Ensures High Quality, Distortion-Free Focus, with Mounted Cameras Supporting Full 180° Rotation.
  • Features 3.5” HD Wide Screen LCD, 120 Degree Ultra Wide Angle Lens, and 5.0 Megapixel Camera. Attaches to Rearview Mirror for Convenient Access and Video Playback.
  • Original & Authentic, Not a Low Quality Knock-Off: Foscam Digital Technologies is the exclusive authorized USA WickedHD Distributor that honors the Manufacturer Warranty.
  • US Support and US Warranty for the WickedHD WCD-5801 are provided exclusively by Foscam out of our office in Houston, TX (no shipping to China).

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3 Responses to WickedHD WCD-5801 Dual Lens Rear View Mirror Car Camera & DVR with Integrated 3.5″ Display, 1080P HD, Nightvision, Collision Detection, Super Wide 120° Viewing Angle, HDMI, Built-in Mic/Speaker, H.264, and More (Up to 32GB SDHC)

  1. S says:

    License plates are visible – excellent for the price! The Wicked HD is an upgrade from my first dash cam, and features a slew of options for the price, many of which you may choose not even to use. One of the best features I’d like to point out, is that license plates are visible, even on the setting I tested at random (there are 5 resolution options) and with a glare off my windshield. I have not yet viewed the footage at night to try the IR capabilities, but I did view it on the screen, and it appears nearly as good…

  2. Jo A. Mallette "Book Addict!" says:

    Great camera for the price! The camera is very good at what it does. The instruction booklet that comes with it is virtually worthless. There is no “ok” button…that is the “rec” button. The product description says the camera is 5 megapixels….instruction booklet says it is 3….so I do not know which it is. The whole process of using the camera has been by trial & error. Now that I have figured it out…I think it is great. Night recording picture is awesome. Can’t beat the camera for the…

  3. Amazon Customer says:

    Junk, with potential. Positives:1. The mirror mount worked reasonably well. I’m not convinced that either the male or female parts of the socket would hold up over time, but on initial installation, it locked up reasonably tight and didn’t bounce or jiggle. Also, this provides a relatively good location for the camera and keeps it from distracting the driver.2. Packaging was decent.3. Power cable length was decent.4. Includes other cables. E.g., hdmi, usb. Nice…