Whistler XTR-438 Laser Radar Detector High Performance 360 Degree Alerts No Dead Zones

Red Whistler Xtr Radar Detector Stealthy and Alert The Whistler Radar Detector Red text display is so easy to see thanks to the brilliant readout. It is so easy to use thanks to the intuitive controls and the Whistler is so reliable and effective it offers both stealth and power. This wide-ranging detector does just about everything you could ask in a radar detector. The Whistler detector provides 360-degree alerts for both radar and laser signals as well as POP mode alerts and Safety Warning System alerts. It’s also customizable. You can change your alert tones, vehicle battery saver mode, quiet modes and so much more and it does all this while cloaking you completely. This versatile and powerful Red Whistler Xtr Radar Detector has so many premium features you cannot possibly be disappointed. This detector has three separate city modes and a highway mode for keeping those false alerts to a minimum. The detector also offers Dim/Dark and Quiet/Auto Quiet modes manage the visual and audio displays to your preference. The Alert Periscopes and Alert Priority features provide even more security, keeping your attention on the road where it should be. The total band protection gives you peace of mind, no matter what comes your way. If you’re looking for the best in protection and good value, the Whistler XTR is the way to go.

Product Features

  • 360 Maxx Coverage so there are no dead zones to worry about
  • G-2 Detection, the best in anti-RDD discrete protection
  • Selectable Vehicle Battery Saver. Setting Saver stores your preferred selections. Stay Alert, TFSR – Traffic Flow Signal Rejection. Total Band Protection.

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  1. Merlin the magician says:

    I’ve heard other brands are more expensive but also better quality. I disagree