Whistler Xtr-338 Laser-radar Detector

Real Voice(R) alerts Numeric icon display Traffic Flow Signal Rejection (TFSR) helps eliminate alerts from radar-based traffic flow sensors Alert periscopes LEDs on top of unit provide additional visual alert 360deg Maxx coverage Total Band Protection

Product Features

  • The Whistler XTR-338 Radar Detector with Real Voice Alerts
  • Laser and radar detection, including audio warnings for bands received, a numeric icon display for easy signal confirmation of transmission and strength
  • Alert Periscopes that flash when the unit alarms, and our patented POP Mode Detection
  • Stay Alert: exclusive feature on this Whistler radar detector that tests your alertness on long trips
  • The fastest radar gun technology available. – COMPLETE INFORMATION BELOW IN PRODUCT DESCRIPTION

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2 Responses to Whistler Xtr-338 Laser-radar Detector

  1. Anonymous says:

    I gave this 2 stars trying to give the befit of the doubt because I have always liked Whistler products – but this one is a piece of junk. It picks up everything k band – it is always going off!! I used it along side a friends fairly expensive cordless radar detector – and my friends radar detector stayed silent while the Whistler was constantly warning about k bands. (I drive the same highway everyday to and from work) The more expensive detector did go off once in a 3 day period – and it…

  2. Anonymous says: