Whistler Cr90 Laser Radar Detector

Whistler Cr90 Laser Radar Detector

Product Features

  • 3 City Modes/Highway Mode
  • 6 Filter Modes
  • Alert Priority
  • External Audio Jack
  • High Gain Lens

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3 Responses to Whistler Cr90 Laser Radar Detector

  1. Nick "nick" says:

    Great detector I pushed it to the limit? Got reassigned from nc to Alaska and had to drive one of my two cars myself to get there, it was brutal but here is how it worked.my configs: all bands on KA set to maxid, tfsr on, no pop. I traveled at a minimum 10 over max 20 overNC- nothingVA- cops everywhere thing picked every single one of them around corners and hills, had to set it on the dash cause its illegal there much harder to see and it still worked well.WV- nothing meaning didn’t see copsOhio-…

  2. Josh Wardell "jwardell" says:

    Best of the budget detectors Whistler has done a great job adding advanced features and options to its detector lineup, as well as continuously improving their detection abilities, and the CR90 is their top of the line. It does not compare to a true $500 detector, which I strongly suggest to anyone if they can afford it (like the Escort Max or the V1), but for less than half the price the CR90 does a great job. I’ve been running the CR90 for a few months now and I’m mostly impressed. Unlike most other budget detectors, it…

  3. james david murray says:

    Whistler Cr90 Laser Radar Detector Long time user of Laser and Radar detectors Mostly Bell and recently Whistler Pro 78 Se. This Cr90 is the best ever! Super quiet around town in Atlanta with TFSR turned on and Voice alert off. No need so far to use the other filters to make it quite but nice to know I have them on hand if needed in extreame enviroments. Sufficient warning distance for both laser and radar I have encountered. Red light camera feature works but I have not tested it extensively in the month I have had it as…