Uniden DFR7 Super Long Range Radar/Laser Detection with GPS

The Uniden Intercepter Radar Detector series has the balance of all key factors: no false alarm, easy to operate, range, price and design. Bar none, Uniden is the Best performing radar detector per dollar vs. any radar detector out in the market today.

Product Features

  • Ultra-Performance, Super Long Range Laser Radar Detection
  • GPS Built-In with Red Light Camera Alert and Speed Camera Alert
  • MAX Speed Warning System
  • Ultra-Bright OLED Display: Radar Band Frequency Display, Current Speed, Battery Voltage, Altitude, and Clock
  • DC Charging Cable and Suction Mount Included

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3 Responses to Uniden DFR7 Super Long Range Radar/Laser Detection with GPS

  1. DJ_Malsidious says:

    Totally amazing! With all the damn speed cameras in Chicago, this is a MUST OWN. Plus it’s saved me a few speeding tickets. Worth every dollar.The quality of this radar detector cannot be understated. I spent weeks researching this off rdforums.org. Guys there go and buy police issue speed detection equipment then test out radar detectors an a obstetrical course. So you get unbiased raw data with plenty of things to learn about owning a radar detector and how to understand the readings. I…

  2. Masoud Golshadi says:

    Great Radar Detector for the Money

  3. 10th Legion says:

    $500 Radar Detection Performance for under $300 I tested my new Uniden DFR7 on the freeways over the weekend. Excellent performance. I bought this radar detector to replace an older Escort 9500iX that did not have filters for anti-collision, blind side warning, and adaptive cruise control radar systems. The 9500iX was constantly alerting to the safety system radar emissions and had become useless for everyday driving in traffic. I did my on-line and You Tube research and decided the best buy for performance and cost was the current…