Uniden DFR3 Long Range Radar Laser Detection

The DFR3 detects emissions from Radar Guns and sounds an audio alert for the driver. The detector determines which band range the signal is from and displays that Frequency type on the display (x, K, KA, or L). the Frequency strength (1 through 5) also displays as applicable. If there is a specific alert code, that is also displayed. The DFR3 utilizes two different modes for highway or City use.

Product Features

  • Long range laser Radar detection
  • X, back, and ka band alarms
  • Pop and laser alert alarms
  • Highway/City/City 1 modes
  • Easy to read Icon display

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2 Responses to Uniden DFR3 Long Range Radar Laser Detection

  1. Julio P says:

    performs better than my Whistler Pro 78SE against constant on Radar …

  2. KB says:

    This thing works great. I haven’t gotten a ticket since I’ve had …