Uniden Communications Speaker (BC15)

This 3.5-Inch speaker may be small but with its 500hz-5kHz it brings more balance to your already rock’n Uniden speakers. With its Scanner and CB capability you will be able to hear/communicate with ease. The noise blanker will help reduce any electrical noise that usually happens with incoming calls.

Product Features

  • Stereo Plug for Scanner
  • CB Compatibility
  • Elbow 3.5mm Stereo
  • 15 Watts

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2 Responses to Uniden Communications Speaker (BC15)

  1. SRunner says:

    Looks Great and Sounds Great! This speaker is small but has good frequency response (better than other amplified speakers I have tried). The speaker is well built and comes with a metal mounting bracket that allows you to tilt the speaker. I have the speaker mounted in my center console. The audio and power cables are long enough to run under my seat, under the door trim, and under the dashboard. The power cable has no connecter on it but the leads are tinned with solder. It has an inline fuse that is easy to access…

  2. Bbert73 says:

    Five Stars