Uniden 40-Channel CB Radio (PRO505XL)

The Uniden PRO505XL 40 Channel CB Radio is perfect for those long days on the road. It features an instant channel 9 function where you can quickly set the radio to the emergency/channel 9. You can check the relative strength of incoming transmissions with the signal/RF power indicator. This CB radio has an external speaker jack that will let you plug in an external speaker for better sound as well as an external PA jack that allows connection of a PA speaker. Other features include 40 channel operation, squelch control, channel display, volume control, mounting hardware, channel select buttons, and a large, easy-to-read display.

Product Features

  • Public Address (PA) Function: Connect to an external PA speaker for amplified announcements
  • Instant Channel 9: Quickly set the radio to emergency/channel 9
  • Signal/RF Power Indicator: Check the relative strength of incoming transmissions
  • External Speaker Jack: Plug in an external speaker for better sound
  • External PA Jack: Allows connection of a PA speaker

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2 Responses to Uniden 40-Channel CB Radio (PRO505XL)

  1. Arthur J. Heller says:

    Nice Little CB! I drive a weekly commute of around 180 miles each way, often at early morning hours, and have often thought about installing a CB to hear the trucking traffic all around me, but never had a real reason to until recently when I was going to be embarking on a fishing trip off in the woods with others who had CBs installed. So I bit the bullet and got this little unit. Installation was simple, though it could have used more wire (I lucked out; the previous owner had had an amp in the back of the…

  2. Hoosier in the South "jason" says:

    Radio is unbelievable!!!! I had bought this radio at a Radio Shack store in town when we went to visit my dad in Indiana last Christmas. I had only bought it because my old Radio Shack cb I have had for about 8 1/2 years had died on me on the way there. I Bought the 520Xl and hooked it up to my SWR meter with my 3 ft Firestik antenna with magnet mount I had on the back, and right off, i never had to make an adjustment at all, because I had a SWR reading between 1:0 and 1:5. I used this radio on the way back, and was…