Transcend TS16GDP200 16GB Drive Pro 200 Car Video Recorder with Built-In Wi-Fi

Day or night, the Driver 200 Car Video Recorder is your dependable eyewitness on the road. The Driver 200’s high-quality wide angle 7 glass lens captures crystal-clear Full HD video and features a bright 2.4″ color LCD screen for live view and playback, making it easier than ever to gather reliable evidence and examine events. Easy to install and operate, the Driver 200 even includes wireless smartphone connectivity to let you stream, download, and share videos whenever needed.

Product Features

  • Smooth, detailed Full HD 1080p recording @ 30 fps
  • 160 viewing angle gives an extra wide perspective of on-road events day or night with a large f/2.0 aperture to adjust to various conditions
  • Bright 2.4-inch color LCD screen for live view and video playback
  • Motion G-Sensor detects impacts and automatically protects current recording
  • 7 Glass lenses for ultra sharp picture

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3 Responses to Transcend TS16GDP200 16GB Drive Pro 200 Car Video Recorder with Built-In Wi-Fi

  1. Miss Lou says:

    A Worthwhile Dashcam At A Reasonable Price So far the DrivePro is proving a worthwhile buy. Most important to me were: 1) Great-to-excellent picture quality; 2)power source is uninterrupted, i.e. plugging into vehicle’s power socket/cigarette lighter; and 3)looped-recordings, i.e. old recordings are replaced by new recordings automatically.My impression thus far is that all three aforesaid criteria have been satisfied. I will not go into a detailed breakdown of the DrivePro because I feel one can search out Techmoan on the…

  2. J. Cooke says:

    A Decent Dashcam ——–March 14, 2015 Update:———After much run around with the Trancend customer service people as it took nearly a dozen emails to actually get them to process an RMA. Fortunately for me, I figured out that this camera only accepts up to 32GB cards, and I had just swapped their 16GB card for a 64GB. So what happens when you put in a 64GB card? The camera works for a little bit, and then just shuts down and refuses to work. As soon as I put the 16 GB card back in, the camera…

  3. Erisella says:

    Good dash cam w/ nice features without breaking the bank. I’ve used this dash cam for a few days now and like it very much.PROS-Good build feel.-Clear video which is good both day and night.-16GB microSD included is a nice touch.-Seems like a quality company and comes with 2-year limited warranty.-Small enough for my needs, fits in the palm of my hand.-Capacitor allows for a more extreme range of temperature operation versus battery.-Long power cord allows it to be hidden along the nooks of the…