Transcend TS16GDP100M 16GB DrivePro 100 Car Video recorder with Suction Mount

Day or night, the DrivePro 100 Car Video Recorder is your most reliable eyewitness on the road. With a built-in battery, the recorder gives you an extra 30 seconds of recording in case of power failure, offering maximum assurance. The DrivePro 100’s high-quality wide angle 6 glass lenses can capture snapshots and clear Full HD footage for display on a bright 2.4″ color LCD screen. Easy to operate, the DrivePro 100 includes the Auto Power On/Off feature and the free-to-download DrivePro PC Tool for Windows for users to easily play the recorded videos on their computer.

Product Features

  • 130 Degree Viewing Angle, F/1.8 Aperture for low-light conditions, 6+1 Infrared Filter Glass Lens
  • Loop Recording, Emergency Recording, G-Sensor
  • Snapshot feature allows you to take photos while recording video
  • Free 16 GB MLC micro SD card
  • DrivePro PC Tool

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3 Responses to Transcend TS16GDP100M 16GB DrivePro 100 Car Video recorder with Suction Mount

  1. Amazonian Fan "Occational Reviewer" says:

    Solid, simple and easy to use. Let’s face it, a dash cam can’t be all things to all people and it can never do night vision very well without a lot of infrared lights. That said, the DrivePro 100 is a solid camera for the price.THE PROS:-“Set-it-and-forget-it” recording. When I start the car and the 12-volt outlet comes on so does the camera.-Good quality daytime image. It’s like a GoPro. Keep that windshield clean though!-Battery back-up recording. It can record either 10 or 30…

  2. Methlal M Pallewatta says:

    Excellent day and night video quality for the price Excellent day and night video quality for the price.However, I cannot upgrade the firmware to ver 1.06 posted on their website.I placed DP100.bin in the SYSTEM directory as described. However when I select “Upgrade Firmware” nothing happens and the new firmware is not detected.If I place the firmware file (DP100.bin) in the top level directory of the SD card and power on the device and check the firmware version, it will read 1.06. However I can never program…

  3. Washboy "Washboy" says:

    I’ve only been using the Transcend DVR for a few days but it’s great so far UPDATE 2/24/15: Amazon was kind enough to authorize a return for the defunct DVR. Thank you Amazon.UPDATE 2/20/15: The “Made In Taiwan” DVR WAS super until it died this week. I had it all nice and installed in my wife’s vehicle with the settings just like I wanted them….turned on and started recording when the car was started and turn off 30 sec after the ignition was turned off. 3 days ago it stopped recording. The power light comes on with the ignition switch but the DVR…