TRAM CB Base Antenna

Choose tram for your next antenna installation Project with this CB base antenna! this 3 ft. Antenna is omnidirectional. Stay connected with tram.

Product Features

  • Uhf female so-239 Connector
  • 500W 3ft tall
  • Omnidirectional

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3 Responses to TRAM CB Base Antenna

  1. Randal L.A. says:

    3 FOOT GIANT!! Ok so everybody wants to sell JOE HAM and JOE CB a miracle gadget that gets him on the air like a boss. So I worried about this little guy. But he was cheap. And if it did not work, with Amazon Prime I could always send it back right? Now I am keeping this little guy. Read on:This is small little antenna. It feels very light yet solid. The base is definitely solid enough to mount on a pipe mast with the provided clamps. I have mine in the back yard on a 8 foot length of fence…

  2. Amazon Customer says:

    Tram no ground base antenna good for portable use. Not for permanent antenna. This antenna is a very unique design. It has some good points and some not so good ones.Good points:1. Very wide banded. (10, 11, 12 meters). Useable SWR on all 3 bands.2. Lightweight and portable. (1 pound, only 3 feet tall).3. Very rugged and durable. Thick and sturdy and will not bend or loose shape.4. Doesnt require a ground. (uses the coax as ground). 25 ft of coax – 1.4 – 2.0 to 1 swr across 10,11,12 meters.50 ft of coax = even better swr. Note:…

  3. Jerk of all trades says:

    VERY GOOD ANTENNA SWR 1:1 WITH NO TUNING OR SET UP This little antenna is really cool. Very easy to install with hardware given. You still will need something to attach it to, a pole, or some other appendage. I installed it in a garage attic. Up to that point I was using a mobile antenna in the garage. The mobile antenna had SWR’s of 3.8:1, borderline but not the best. Probably due to grounding issues. Tested the new antenna, the SWR was 1:1, awesome. Good reception, and good signal out. Good solution for my situation. Would be good for…