TP-Link NFC-Enabled Bluetooth 4.1 Receiver, Wireless Audio Adapter Streaming Music from Echo Smart Phone Tablet PC to Home Car Stereo Sound System (HA100)

The TP-LINK HA100 Bluetooth Music Receiver allows you to play music from your smartphone or tablet or any stereo or stand-alone speaker. Access music from your personal collection or your favorite music service and stream it directly to your home sound system. Control source, volume and track with a range up to 66 ft. while relaxing or entertaining guests. Intuitive pairing with NFC or manual Bluetooth means you’ll be enjoying your personal soundtrack in minutes.

Product Features

  • [Universal Compatibility] enable your high-quality speakers or home/car stereo sound system Bluetooth compatibility, to stream audio from your smartphone/tablet/PC/echo or any Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • [2x Wireless Range] extend the Bluetooth wireless range up to 20 meters (66 feet), stream your music stably from 2 times further away than other models do.
  • [High-Quality Wireless Music Performance] built-in amplifier chip and CSR chip that supports Bluetooth 4.1 and A2DP v1.2, provide high-performance wireless music experience from your favourite streaming platforms, Spotify, Apple Music, pandora, and etc.
  • [5-Star Driver’s Choice] Auto-On/Off with Your Car, get ready for playing music in seconds; NFC Tag for Passenger Pairing, make it much easier for passenger to connect and play their own music.
  • [Multipoint Technology] stay connected with 2 of your frequently used devices, seamlessly switching audio source.
  • [NFC Quick Pairing & Easy Setup] one click to pair up with your NFC-enabled devices as soon as getting close to the HA100 or NFC tag. Connect to stereo system supporting 3.5mm AUX or RCA jacks.
  • [Improve Echo That Has Trouble Hearing You] echo usually has trouble hearing you because of the overwhelming music as it has to be fixed next to the TV or stereo system. HA100 serves as Bluetooth wireless bridge that enables echo anywhere convenient for you.
  • [Package Contents] Bluetooth Music Receiver HA100, USB Charging Cable, 3.5MM to RCA Cable, 3.5MM to 3.5MM Cable, Power Adapter, NFC Tag, User Guide, 12-month warranty and unlimited 24/7 technical support.

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3 Responses to TP-Link NFC-Enabled Bluetooth 4.1 Receiver, Wireless Audio Adapter Streaming Music from Echo Smart Phone Tablet PC to Home Car Stereo Sound System (HA100)

  1. Dennis says:

    The Best Audio Adapter I Have Ever Purchased! The one feature I wished I had on my Onkyo sound system that I wish I had was BT. With this nifty BT adapter I now have that capability.My Onkyo receiver has dlna but I don’t have a server or device that can utilize this feature.I do have some iPhones that I use for iPods as well as streaming.This adapter is so easy to use, it paired without flaw. It has a feature that all BT devices should have. The radapter will store information for up to 8 different…

  2. Bob Koure says:

    Sounds great, does not auto-connect. Works perfectly for automotive.My wife has a new Fiat, radio has aux-in (3.5mm) and USB in the glovebox. Device goes on when car on, off when car off. Audio is medium-FI (Bose) and no static (had been concerned about alternator hum). When playing lossless audio (FLAC -> samsung note 3 – > this BT receiver sound is unconstrained (not that I’m a golden ears or anything). One of my friends has a no-name BT receiver, and given a blind ABA I can tell when it’s this receiver (sounds…

  3. Phantom-X says:

    Clear sound quality, no alternator hum, and pairs automatically with my android device I have a long commute and my car does not naturally have bluetooth. The other day, I was pulling my mpow unit out of the auxiliary port on my car and it broke. Not wanting to be without my bluetooth, I started hunting on Amazon for a new unit.Now, my old mpow unit was good, but it had two issues which I despised:1. Had to be powered on manually by holding the button for a few seconds2. Had a “feedback” noise when charging and playing audio at the same time…