TFY Mount-DVD-7 Car Headrest Mount for Swivel and Flip Style 7-Inch Portable DVD Player

This Portable DVD Player Car Headrest Mount is designed for Swivel & Flip style Portable DVD Players. If your player’s LCD screen can swivel and flip to a tablet style, it should fit in this Car Headrest Mount. Please look at the listing photos and measurements carefully to determine if the LCD screen on your player will line up correctly with the opening of the Car Headrest Mount.

Product Features

  • Fits most 7 inch Swivel & Flip style Portable DVD Players
  • Adjustable Velcro strap allows for easy, quick and secure mounting to most cars’ headrests
  • Constructed from durable nylon – Resists wear and stains
  • Side access to ports and connections
  • TFY© is a registered trademark and MyTradeWorld is the only authorized seller of TFY© branded products

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3 Responses to TFY Mount-DVD-7 Car Headrest Mount for Swivel and Flip Style 7-Inch Portable DVD Player

  1. Mook says:

    Pleasantly Surprised To be honest, I’ve gone through more than a few headrest mounts in my kid’s lives, and I was prepared for my norm – spend 20 bucks or so, get a mount I would have to jury-rig anyway, and use it ’till it broke (ie, about 6-8 months). When I opened the package, I was surprised at how LITTLE there seemed to be to the mount, and resigned myself to less than 6 months. Until I put the sucker to use. It’s beauty is in it’s brevity. SO simple to install, the DVD player slides right in, and it’s…

  2. mrangrygrandpa says:

    Works okay for 7″ Sylvania Swivel Screen DVD Player Bought for a Sylvania 7″ swivel DVD player I recently purchased for my son. It fits, although the top of the screen is slightly covered. My biggest gripe would be the placement of the snaps. When snapped on to the headrest, the snaps are at the exact middle instead of the top or bottom. Didn’t bother me when I rested my head on the headrest, but it immediately jumped out as a “why on earth did they not put it at the top or bottom.”The DVD player fits nicely and has a little velcro…

  3. N. Z. "NZ" says:

    I like it! works for me! 0