Sylvania SDVD9805/SDVD9805-C 9-Inch Twin, Dual Screen DVD Player with Built-In USB/SD Card Reader

Sylvania’s latest in Portable DVD technology is awesome. Introducing the newest model in a collection of the most popular DVD players. The newest Twin/Dual Screen Portable DVD player – Model SDVD9805 does it all. With 2 x 9-Inch Widescreens, each with its own DVD player you can enjoy all your movies and media at home and on the road. Simply connect the 2 players to each other to play the same movie on both screens – or pop in separate DVDs to watch separate movies. A neat feature is the USB/SD card reader which allows you to play all you downloaded digital media, movies, music and photos right on to the large 9-Inch color screen. No more asking are we there yet. Bring these into the car or plane and make for an amazingly quiet trip! Listen to your music/audio via the built in speakers or via earphones (2 sets are included) with the Headphone jack. Included with the DVD players is a car mounting kit. It is quick and easy to strap the DVD players onto the back seat of your car. Also included is a remote control so you can pause, play etc from anywhere in the car. This is a must have device for any family and will provide years of enjoyment.

Product Features

  • 2 x 9-Inch Twin Dual Screen Portable DVD Player – Play the same or separate movies on each individual screen; 16:09 Aspect Ratio
  • USB and SD Card reader allows you to play all of our downloaded media on the 2 screens
  • Includes Mounting Straps making it easy to mount the screens on car seatbacks
  • Accessories Included in the Box; Remote Control, Mounting Straps X 2, Earbuds X 2, Car Cord, Car Adapter, AC/DC Adapter. Compatible with almost all movie, music and photo formats
  • Model numbers can vary: SDVD9805 and SDVD9805C have identical specifications
  • If there is no movie playing, the second screen automatically closes to save battery

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2 Responses to Sylvania SDVD9805/SDVD9805-C 9-Inch Twin, Dual Screen DVD Player with Built-In USB/SD Card Reader

  1. Kmama1 says:

    Glad I decided to purchase, just one annoyance I just received these DVD players, I was a little hesitant to purchase due to the negative reviews but I’m glad I decided to order.I love that both dvd players come with a wall plug so they can be used outside the car and can be charged to last 2 hours without being plugged in. Both players have sd and USB slots. I installed the straps for the headrest and then installed the dvd player to headrest without any issues (there were several complaints on other reviews stating it…

  2. Busy work at home mom says:

    32+ hour car trip We bought a new car before we took a trip to Florida. I wanted a DVD in the car, but the dealership did not have one in stock. So, I went in search of DVD players for the headrests. After looking for a month, I decided to purchase these. I have an 8-year-old and a 2-year-old, so I definitely was looking for something I could play different movies in. I saw a lot of reviews that made me nervous, not working after an hour or not loading properly, but I took the chance anyway.Love…