Signstek Sound Music Beat Activated Car Stickers Equalizer Glow Blue LED Light Audio Voice Rhythm Lamp

This amazing sound activated is a layer of soft and thin sheet be stocked on rear windshield side window, or wherever you feel appropriate. It is furnished with double faced adhesive tape and covered with a protective membrane, you can remove membrane and stick to back windshield. Moreover, if there is a trouble for you to connect the wires in the car, you can demand to equip a lighter for cigarette instead, the lighter can be directly inserted into car to make lamp lightening.


As smart as it can dance to music

It has a built in graphic equalizer, which are moving according to the background sound (similar to a normal equalizer). Different music or sound volume will activate a different equalizer panel, so you can adjust its sensitivity to pick up different dancing sticker.

Space and Energy saving

Its thickness is only 0.35mm and can be roll up to store. And it only takes 1mW per spare centimeters, saving energy as much as possible for you.

Beautiful Blue Light at Night

When driving at night, this sticker can be flashing in blue cool light, which makes your car safe and beautiful. It is fun, fresh and modern to decorate this dynamic car sticker on your rear windshield or side window.

Easy Installation

1. Stick the sticker on rear windshield or side window inside the car via double faced adhesive tape.

2. Connect the adapter to the sticker gently using a 3m converter cable

3. Plug the cigarette lighter into car

4. Start the music


Condition: Brand new

Size: 45cm x 11cm)

Inverter cable Length: About 3m

Cigarette cable Length: 1.2m

LED light color: Blue

Voltage: DC 12V

Product Features

  • Flashing while you’re driving at night, improves your driving safety and makes your car more fashionable and amazing.
  • Sound activated car stickers, smartly dance to the music.
  • 3M glue tape on the back, very easy to install. Sheet thickness is very space saving.
  • Low power consumption, only 1mW per spare centimeters.
  • Continuously work for more than 5000 hours.

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2 Responses to Signstek Sound Music Beat Activated Car Stickers Equalizer Glow Blue LED Light Audio Voice Rhythm Lamp

  1. Dèborah says:

    Let’s be realistic Yes its small but I love it! The car in the picture has a small back window. What I did was put it in the back but on the side. It looks amazing! I thought it didnt work when I first put it (I did it during the day) then I put my hands over it and saw it did work. Looks amazing after 6pm. My friends think its awesome. I hid the wire behind my seats and under the driver seat so its not even noticeable. For $15 its so worth it. Just keep in mind the size but hey its in the dimensions which I…

  2. Mike says:

    Sweet! 0