Rand McNally TND530 Truck GPS with Lifetime Maps and Wi-Fi

Redesigned inside and out, the Intelli Route TND 530 LM features new, sleek hardware, a faster processor, and updated graphics and maps in a 5″ screen size. Truck Routing Customized for the dimensions of your truck. Set warnings for hills and sharp curves. Navigate complex interchanges with junction view. View current mile marker. Optimize trips with multi-stop routing. Truck Content and Tools Search travel centers by amenities. Find truck service locations, rest areas, restaurants, and millions of points of interest. Manage timers, mileage, and fuel logs. Set alerts for maintenance and warnings for hill, sharp curves, state borders, and more. Toll costs View estimated toll costs and compare routes without tolls. Advanced lane guidance Navigating through cities can be difficult. Be prepared for what’s ahead, whether you’re approaching a turn or heading through a complicated intersection. Wi-Fi Connected Services Check weather, fuel prices, and traffic along your route. (Traffic sold separately on the Rand McNally Dock.) Video Input Connect your back-up or blind-spot camera and see the image right on your TND. The Rand Advantage Benefit from 35% more truck routing information than other GPS units, Road Work construction updates, and cross-references to the Rand McNally Motor Carriers’ Road Atlas. Lifetime Maps Get updates as long as you own the TND. Trip Maker Plan ahead with Rand McNally’s online trip planner. Set via points and download to the TND as a multi-stop trip.

Product Features

  • Two new interface options: Ice and Carbon
  • Commercial bus routing option
  • Compatible with electronic logging solutions from Rand McNally

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3 Responses to Rand McNally TND530 Truck GPS with Lifetime Maps and Wi-Fi

  1. J. Clark says:

    I’m still testing this. Will update later I used a Garmin 465 (awesome) replaced it with a newer GARMIN the dezl 560. This one has a few cool features but seems to take a lot of longer routes. I just bought this Rand McNally 530. I’ve had it a week in my pick up and so far yuck.I drive to my house out of town 15 miles. All country roads with about 4-5 turns. All of these roads are fine for big trucks but the RM routes me about 18 miles out of route to stay on the highway. Then down a secondary road completely passing the house…

  2. Peter gichinga wairimu says:

    Theres nothing like it, had an older model and this one … 0

  3. Fredric G. Rubenstein "NY Fred" says:

    commercial Bus Option? Please, give me a break! Rand McNally broke my heart. Finally, or so I thought, a GPS with a “commercial bus option.” Finally, or so I thought, a GPS that would bridge the gap between the RV and Truck settings on the TND 720 and Garmin 760 Dezl.WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!Sure, the device places a bus icon on the screen. It starts and stops there. No accounting for the fact that a bus is not a truck and, therefore, not subject to “No Trucks Allowed” when it comes to routing…