Rand McNally Intelliroute TND 500 5-Inch Portable Truck GPS Navigator

Free Ground Shipping from FedEx! Rand McNally Intelliroute® Truck Navigation Device – Trucker tested. Trucker approved. The Rand McNally IntelliRoute® TND 500 is the first Truck Navigation Device built from the ground up for truckers like you. The TNDuniquely meets the needs of the commercial truck driver with truck-specific routing and tools to help drivers run more profitably and efficiently. It’s more than just a GPS – its navigation drivers can trust from Rand McNally, the industry leader

Product Features

  • Truck GPS from the leaders in truck routing
  • 5 inch screen with big icons for easy viewing
  • Enhanced text-to-speech and driver configurable warnings
  • Trucker business tools to help reduce manual work
  • Can also be used in standard passenger vehicles at the touch of a button

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3 Responses to Rand McNally Intelliroute TND 500 5-Inch Portable Truck GPS Navigator

  1. Mark Hulton says:

    Best trucker Gps so far, Ok I will try to be brief. First you must run the update or you will be annoyed with it. It has some major flaws right out of the box but they are fixed with the first update. It tracks all of your miles in every state that you drive in and then you can have them displayed by date for fuel taxes that’s why I bought it, and so far that has worked correctly. The gps works well but the maps get a little shaky in smaller towns and it will direct you down some tight roads. some times I have…

  2. vp says:

    It works I just finished cdl school and since i’m going over the road i wanted to buy rand mcnally since we used their maps for our training so this gps like some other truck gps i’ve seen you can set it up the truck information like height,lenght,weight,etc, as soon as i bought this gps i wanted to test it, so what i did was I set it up as if i was driving a 13’6 truck, 53′ lenght and 80,000 lbs, etc but I wasn’t driving the truck, i was in my car, so i intentionally took wrong turn (not the route the…

  3. Hellbent706 "Truck Driver Owner/Operator" says:

    Very dissapointed! You still want it?… Take mine! Im a Truck driver and the TND is Not Trucker Approved! I’ve been using the Garmin 760 GPS for years. Then I decided to Step-up to the Rand McNally TND 500. That was the worst decision possible! Ok, I’m gonna be fair so I’ll start with the best qualities of the TND…The Suction-cup mount is superior to my garmin’s and the screen is a half inch bigger and it automatically keeps up with the miles I drive in each state. ok, that’s it! It goes down-hill from there! So much is wrong I dont…