Rand McNally 528881469 7-inch Intelliroute TND 700 Truck GPS

Like its award-winning predecessor, the IntelliRoute TND 500, the Rand McNally IntelliRoute TND 700 GPS device gives truckers much more than just maps and navigation. It offers detailed information about truck stops, rest areas, weigh stations and other points of interest for truckers, as well as tools to help drivers estimate the profitability of a route. And with its seven-inch screen and high-definition display, the IntelliRoute TND 700 redefines readability and usability. Other exclusive features include an oversized stylus, larger buttons, a louder speaker, and tools like a calendar and notepad to help professional drivers complete their routes with greater ease and efficiency.

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IntelliRoute TND 700
At a glance:

  • 35-percent more truck-routing information than other GPS devices
  • Seven-inch, high-definition screen
  • Large buttons and powerful speaker optimized for truck cab
  • Spoken turn-by-turn directions
  • Quick planner tool helps determine most profitable routes
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3-in-1 Charger
Charge your GPS device via in-car adapter, A/C outlet, or mini-USB port.
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IntelliRoute TND 700
Seven-inch, high-definition screen optimized for truck cab. View larger.
IntelliRoute TND 700
Features large buttons, powerful speaker, and a stylus. View larger.

Large, Seven-Inch Display and Powerful Speaker
The IntelliRoute TND 700 sets itself apart from other GPS devices with its large, seven-inch, high-definition screen, over-sized buttons, and stylus–all of which are designed specifically for a truck cab. And unlike GPS devices designed for passenger cars, this truck navigation unit has a speaker that is twice as powerful as typical car speakers, amplifying the sound above cab noise so spoken directions come through loud and clear.

35-Percent More Truck-Route Information
Even before your truck has started, you can determine the best route to take by entering your truck’s length, width, weight, height, and HazMat information. The IntelliRoute TND 700 has 35-percent more truck routing information than other GPS units. Enter as many as 10 stops and use the device’s preferences tools to pass up tolls and construction without missing weigh stations, rest areas, or repair services. Connect the included USB cable to a Windows-compatible computer with internet connection for free updates including road construction.

The IntelliRoute TND 700 provides turn-by-turn directions with spoken street names. The patented Smart-Time feature calculates the local time as well as the time at your destination–handy when traveling across multiple time zones.

Included in the IntelliRoute TND 700 is searchable truck-stop information from The Trucker’s Friend National Truck Stop Directory. You can find the nearest truck stop or search more than 70 amenities like showers, restaurants, Wi-Fi, and more!

Customized Trucker Business Tools
Loaded with all of the innovative tools featured in the IntelliRoute TND 500, the IntelliRoute TND 700 introduces more tools vital for truckers. A new calendar feature helps you keep track of important appointments and dates. Also, you can keep all of your reminders and notes together in the same place with the handy notepad feature.

Drivers can reduce time-consuming manual calculations with the IntelliRoute TND 700. Drivers can track miles driven in every U.S. state or Canadian province for organized bookkeeping and fuel-tax reporting. User-set timers and logs keep track of driving time and time on duty.

The IntelliRoute TND 700 was designed to partner with America’s #1 trucker’s atlas. Drivers can cross-reference to the page and grid of the Rand McNally Motor Carriers’ Road Atlas.

The Quick Planner tool helps determine the profitability of routes. A commercial-grade address book organizes thousands of entries, and allows you to group them the way that works best for you.

With so many helpful tools, off-duty truckers may find themselves switching the IntelliRoute TND 700 to car mode and bringing it along for family trips.

The IntelliRoute TND 700 is backed by a one-year parts-and-labor warranty.

What’s in the Box
IntelliRoute TND 700, windshield mount, truck charger with extended length cable, 120/240V home charger, quick start guide, and USB cable.

Rand McNally Logo IntelliRoute TD500 IntelliRoute TD700
Features IntelliRoute TND 500
Truck navigation you can trust
IntelliRoute TND 700
Redefining truck navigation
Screen size 5″ 7″
Truck-specific routing Check Mark Check Mark
Searchable truck stop services Check Mark Check Mark
Standard map detail Check Mark Check Mark
Multi-stop route optimization Check Mark Check Mark
Car mode Check Mark Check Mark
Access to updates and upgrades via TND Dock* Check Mark Check Mark
Commercial-grade address book Check Mark Check Mark
Timers & Logs Check Mark Check Mark
Truck stop ratings Check Mark Check Mark
Junction view 3-D Check Mark Check Mark
Full U.S. & Canada Maps Check Mark Check Mark
Qwerty keyboard Check Mark Check Mark
Enhanced map detail** Check Mark
High-definition screen Check Mark
Oversized stylus Check Mark
Calendar Check Mark
Notepad Check Mark
* Updates and upgrades via TND Dock require a Windows PC and internet connection.
** Map detail enabled by larger, high-definition screen

Product Features

  • Extra large 7-inch high-definition screen
  • Enhanced map detail enabled by larger, high-definition screen
  • Truck-specific routing
  • Searchable truck stop services with data from the Trucker’s Friend National Truck Stop Directory
  • New Trucker Business Tools like a calendar and notepad to help manage your business

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3 Responses to Rand McNally 528881469 7-inch Intelliroute TND 700 Truck GPS

  1. Joe says:

    really nice truck GPS Well as one of the first to get this I figured I’d give a review. The screen is great. It’s pretty clear and seems tough enough not to need a screen protector. The plastic that was on the screen out-of-the-box left glue residue which was a pain to remove. It comes with a stylus that works great but navigating around with your finger is easy and works just fine. I usually just have to tap it with the back of my finger. When you get it, charge it for a few hours before you use it at all. I’m not…

  2. C. A. Freeman says:

    1st impression Well, what can I say. I’ve had this unit in my truck for about four days now. Prior to that I had a Garmin 755T non-truck GPS. One of my favorite features in that unit was the ability to plan a route by determining mileage using the stop or via feature. What I would do is using a map I would route myself several different ways forcing the unit by putting in stops or vias at different locations along the route, otherwise, like most GPS ‘s, it determines what it thinks is the best route. I…

  3. A. O Sandness says:

    Great Unit! This is a great truck GPS. I’ve tried others and nothing seems to come close to the Rand McNally TND-700.Excellent screen size and resolution. The audio is loud enough to be heard over road noise and the purr of my Kenworth/Cat engine. I’ve used it for the last 8,000 miles or so and it has only glitched once. Just restarted it and it picked up on my route right where it should have. The exit lane screen has been spot on every time and gives me plenty of time to get my rig into the…