Radar Detector Car Dash and Windshield Mount

This Arkon radar detector dash and windshield mount has combined our heavy duty suction mount system with a mounting plate. The suction is rated to hold 20 pounds. Once it is attached to your windshield, it isn’t coming down unless you want it to by pressing on the suction release. The angle of the mounting plate can be adjusted up and down. Your device attaches to the mounting plate with a heavy duty strip which we provide. We also include a dash plate with double sided tape from 3M so that the suction can adhere to your dash.

Product Features

  • Your device attaches to the mounting plate with an included heavy duty Velcro strip
  • Both dash and windshield options included
  • Note: this is a mount only, radar detector is not included

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2 Responses to Radar Detector Car Dash and Windshield Mount

  1. Bgon says:

    A must for CA Residents In California, it is illegal to have anything mounted to your windshield. GPS, Radar Detectors, etc. If an Officer feels inclined to, he can actually pull you over and ticket you for a windshield mounted device.I have an Escort Passport 9500ix. I was using the windshield mount it came with. However, I noticed that it was rubbing up against my windshield when I drove and (I’m sure) in part to the dual 12’s in the back. It was evident that continual use of the supplied windshield…

  2. J. J. Burke says:

    No mark dashboard mount ! First. the velcro mounting material that comes with this unit is super strong. You don’t want to continually separate your radar unit from this mount. My dashboard finish is slightly pebbled,not good for a direct suction connection. I had a dashboard mounting pad for my GPS. This has a suction plate on it(Amazon purchase). I discovered that the friction grip between this pad and the dashboard was not great enough. The grip can be greatly increased by placing a silicone pad,hot pot holder,…