Philips PV7002i/37 TwinPlay 7-Inch Dual Screen In-Car Video Viewer for iPod, iPhone and iPad (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Transform your car into a mobile home theater with the Philips TwinPlay Dual screen in-car video viewer. Featuring two 7″ lightweight widescreen LCD displays, this entertainment system allows you to entertain your backseat passengers with video, music, and photos from your iPod, iPhone, or iPad. The two LCD displays mount easily to the back of the front headrests. Simply connect your device and create an engaging in-car entertainment experience.

Product Features

  • Share stored videos, music and photos from your iPod, iPhone or iPad or play live from the internet
  • Two easy-to-mount 7-inch widescreen LCD displays
  • Conveniently manage and control all of your entertainment from the front of the car via the iPhone cup holder stand while your backseat riders enjoy the show
  • Easily answer incoming calls and resume your movie or music right where you left off
  • Built-in stereo speakers provide a rich sound experience

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3 Responses to Philips PV7002i/37 TwinPlay 7-Inch Dual Screen In-Car Video Viewer for iPod, iPhone and iPad (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  1. Serge B says:

    Wave of the Future – Loved it! I bought this item because our previous car dvd player was broken. We almost bought the same one at best buy until I saw this product! We went on a 16 hour road trip with the kids(5 and 8) and we loved every minute of it. We used our ipad and our classic ipod to store plenty of movies. The quality from the ipod wasn’t as good as the ipad, but the kids didn’t notice the difference. The only thing people need to be aware of is that you need to spend some time getting all of your kids favorite…

  2. CJ Lee says:

    Just returned it (iOS 7.0.4) I am very picky on screen aspect ratio.When I played Original Lion King which is purchased from iTunes with iPhone4s iOS 7.0.4, it played the movie in squeezed ratio.No matter what I change the TV Out format in General>Settings.Wide or Normal it squeezes more or less. Never got correct picture.And please note that.This item WILL NOT work with any iOS devices use LIGHTNING(8pins) connector, even if you have converter jack.This item WORKS ONLY ON iOS…

  3. Jason says:

    Beats DVD players! This video player worked very well for us. I like it because we were able to control what was playing from the front seats since the wire to which the idevice connected to was plenty long. This player also charges the device while it is playing and had no problem keeping the battery charged while playing. Unless you download your movies, you do have to have to know how to convert your DVD’s to an iphone compatible format. This usually takes some standalone computer software. And the movies…