NEW Trak4 Mobile GPS Tracker for Tracking Vehicles, Assets and People

Know where your assets and loved ones are.
• As low as 5.99/month (paid annually) or $11.99/month (paid monthly).
• No contract. No activation or cancellation fees. Pay monthly or annually. SIM card included.
• Covertly locate vehicles, assets, and inventory. Silently locate teens, spouses, and elderly persons.
• Simple to use – sign in and start using in minutes.
• Indoor/outdoor, Trak4 is weatherproof so you can mount or place it almost anywhere. Rugged commercial housing is durable and provides reliability and dependability.
• No GPS? No problem. Trak4 cellular trilateration gives approximate location when no GPS signal is available (inside garages, buildings, etc.).
• High-capacity rechargeable battery. Single charge lasts more than a year (one ping per day).
• Choose reporting frequency from daily to every 2 minutes.
• Get text or email alert when person or asset leaves or enters a selected area (geofencing).
• Works in North America only.
• 3G with 2G fallback provides the very best coverage area available.
• Add multiple Trak4s to your account – view all of your trackers on one map.
• Includes PVC adhesive charge port covers.

Subscription Plans (Paid Annually)
• Hourly Reporting – $5.99/month ($71.88/year)
• 15-Minute Reporting – $7.99/month ($95.88/year)
• 2-Minute Reporting – $11.99/month ($143.88/year)

Subscription Plans (Paid Monthly)
• Hourly Reporting – $11.99/month
• 15-Minute Reporting – $14.99/month
• 2-Minute Reporting – $18.98/month

Product Features

  • As low as $5.99 a month (prepaid annually) | Unlimited 3G data | No contract | No activation or cancellation fees | SIM included
  • Email & text alerts | Geofencing | Simple to use – sign in & start tracking in minutes
  • Great for GPS tracking of vehicles, assets, and inventory | Track teens, spouses, and elderly persons
  • Up to 12 months on a single charge | High-capacity internal battery | Rechargeable with a cell charger
  • Indoor/outdoor weatherproofing allows “anywhere” mounting | Track with computer, phone, or tablet

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2 Responses to NEW Trak4 Mobile GPS Tracker for Tracking Vehicles, Assets and People

  1. Amazon Customer says:

    Works as advertised! Great product but could be better with a few simple changes. 1st thing I did was peel off the sticker as the last thing you want is for someone to see that, google it and know what it is. 2nd thing I did was take a black sharpie to it, a flat black color option would be nice. The other changes I would make would be to make the charging plug flush with the outside and a rubber cover instead of the little disc and inset port. The last thing I would change is the size of the mounting holes. A…

  2. MD-JD says:

    So far I’ve experienced gaps in real-time position reports if device is in center console or trunk. Sometimes it works. The device must be able to “see” several of the GPS satellites to get an accurate position fix. If a GPS fix cannot be obtained, the device must be able to communicate with cell towers to triangulate its (less accurate) position. Furthermore, it has to be able to send the position fix, time, etc., to the company’s servers so you can monitor the device’s position in real time on its web application. There are three subscription levels (and as best I can tell the…