Metal MIC HOLDER / Clip – Screw In for CB / Ham Radio – Workman MH2

Cb Radio Microphone Clip Holder Metal Three Finger Metal Mic Clip Workman MH2

Product Features

  • CB Radio Microphone Three Finger Metal Clip / Holder
  • Screws Included

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3 Responses to Metal MIC HOLDER / Clip – Screw In for CB / Ham Radio – Workman MH2

  1. Guitar Operator says:

    Large, Shiny, Metal – Comes with Screws! As an Amazon Prime customer, I always look for the Prime Shipping deals, but this time it was actually cheaper to go to a third party RSMONLINE who offered the exact same item for a lower price and free shipping!Now I know you are all wondering, “What kind of person leaves feedback for a shiny metal microphone clip for a CB radio?”…The same kind of person that reads the feedback review! – (*smile*)Two screws included, standard metal clip in shiny chrome finish…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I bought three. The chrome plating was messed up on one of them; looked like it was chromed over corroded or unfinished metal and wasn’t very presentable. All three of them had very poor, rounded, imprecise bends, unlike picture. The mounting surface was at a different angle from the hanger part, causing the hanger to lean outward. The holes were too close to the first bend, preventing the screw heads from sitting flush. I found these unacceptable enough that I bought three from Cobra…

  3. Anonymous says:

    it work… okay, maybe. I would not suggest these if you have the clip that came with the CB. I got these for my cobra 29 and cobra 19 and the worst part about this product is the screws. They did not screw into the CB, although I was able to get 1 of the screws to stay in on the C-19 and on the C-29 I had to use the bolt holding on the case cover. These are probably better used on the dash where the screws make their own threads. But if all you need it to do is hold the mic the this product…