Magellan RoadMate Commercial Truck GPS Navigator 9270T-LM (RC9270SGLUC)

7-Inch GPS navigator, designed exclusively for commercial truck drivers

Product Features

  • Truck specific routing, customizable by vehicle dimension and hazardous materials restrictions
  • Free Lifetime Traffic Alerts provide real-time traffic information along your route to help you avoid delays
  • Free Lifetime Map Updates ensure that you have the most recent maps available, for the life of the GPS navigator

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2 Responses to Magellan RoadMate Commercial Truck GPS Navigator 9270T-LM (RC9270SGLUC)

  1. Raquel S. "Amazon Fan and Reviewer" says:

    My husband, a long distance truck driver, hates it. Got rid of it on the second day. I chose the Magellan Commercial Truck GPS for my husband who is a truck driver transversing the USA from sea to shining sea. He currently has a Garmin GPS for commercial trucks, but he’s not overly fond of it and has given him trouble in the past.My husband was happy about getting the Magellan. Liked the idea of the bigger screen and had hopeful expectations from it. He planned to keep using both with alternating information from each GPS. (Much like what we did last year when I…

  2. R. Woodworth "DENTAL APPOINTMENT" says:

    Magellan trying to jump on the “Trucker GPS” bandwagon… with no legs I’m a truck driver, and for most of last year I used the Roadmate 3120-MU, the cheapest, most base model GPS that Magellan makes. And I had no problems with it, it told me where I was and where to go, I knew not to trust it all the time because it was designed for cars and would tell me to go down sidestreets and I would laugh at it.Then it died, and I decided to upgrade to the Pro Roadmate, this 9270T-LM. And I am disappointed.-It’s Slow!I’m 90% sure that…