GBSELL 360° Universal In Car Dashboard Cell Mobile Phone GPS Mount Holder Stand Cradle Mouse Shape

Package Included: 1 x holder

Product Features

  • Strong suction cups with large, stable suck prison on the windscreen. Hydraulic force transmission design, free to adjust the suction chuck.
  • PDA or Smartphone + GPS positioning and navigation essential car bracket, clamp width can be freely adjusted minimum 50MM, maximum 85MM, can also be placed horizontal screen for GPS navigation.
  • Two-layer silica gel strengthening the jig to prevent falling forward love machine, but also up and down adjustment, easy to apply to sections of the phone.
  • Automatically open arms touch easily and quickly remove the machine; Use adhesive type Button, will not block the line of sight to the front.
  • Bracket connecting rod can be placed on the front stalls, and strong adhesive, not shaking, drop and adjustable angle.

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