Garmin 12-Volt Adapter Cable

COMPATIBLE WITH NUVI SERIES STREETPILOT SERIES & Z_MO SERIESUPC : 753759057879Shipping Dimensions : 8.65in X 4.60in X 1.75inEstimated Shipping Weight : 0.4195Charge your GPS as you drive with this 12 V adapter cable. Perfect for use in a second vehicle, this item is not a replacement cable for the MSN® Direct receiver with integrated vehicle power cable that is included in the box with some units.

Compatible products for this item are:

  • aera® 500
  • aera® 510
  • aera® 550
  • aera® 560
  • nüvi® 5000
  • nüvi® 610
  • nüvi® 650
  • nüvi® 660
  • nüvi® 670
  • nüvi® 680
  • nüvi® 750
  • nüvi® 755T
  • nüvi® 760
  • nüvi® 765T
  • nüvi® 770
  • nüvi® 775T
  • nüvi® 780
  • nüvi® 785T
  • nüvi® 850
  • nüvi® 855
  • nüvi® 880
  • nüvi® 885T
  • SafeNav™ Powered by Garmin™
  • StreetPilot® c510
  • StreetPilot® c530
  • StreetPilot® c550
  • StreetPilot® c580
  • zūmo® 450
  • zūmo® 550
  • zūmo® 660
  • zūmo® 660LM
  • zūmo® 665
  • zūmo® 665LM

Product Features

  • 12V Adapter Cable For Streetpilot C530
  • Compatible with nuvi 5000, 800 series, 600 series, zumo series.

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3 Responses to Garmin 12-Volt Adapter Cable

  1. The Cake Lady "L. Frye" says:

    WARNING: Re: Nuvi 660 Traffic Alert This adapter does work for the Garmin nuvi 660.However, If You Subscribed to the Traffic Alert, this adapter WILL NOT PICK UP the traffic alerts nor will you even get an icon on your nuvi. There is another fuse in the original adapter that came with your Garmin nuvi that supports the “traffic alert”. If your nuvi is still under warranty, Garmin will send you out a repair kit that includes another tip at no charge. They can at their discretion void your warranty if you use another…

  2. D. Posey says:

    Compatible Models 0

  3. wrbtu "D. Wiur" says:

    Revision of Earlier Review I have now used this adapter less than 20 times, & like the Garmin adapter than came with the GPS, this one also lacks durability- it’s now broken; the Garmin adapter had broken after about the same number of uses. Neither adapter was misused or dropped, they broke after normal use. I know that the car’s adapter plug is not the problem, because other adapters (like cell phone) do work in this car. Now I’m looking for another adapter, this time one that is neither Garmin nor Gilsson, & hopefully…