Today’s story and sketch “by me” you see Eddie and Cathy

Oringo from the planet Magar, here at sunny Bombay Beach,

on the shore of the Salton Sea. The couple and their one

eyed Martian terrier Duke, just arrived on Earth in the

Explorer Galaxy Glider they purchased from the Flip Flop

Resort RV sales division on Lippo (the Blue Moon).

The couple purchased the bundle offer which included the

Explorer 38 foot RV, (an expertly converted temporary

barracks trailer) into this intergalactic Recreation Vehicle,

by the prison convict craftsmen, the bundle included this

beautiful lot on the shore of the Salton Sea, a rowboat,

one year of anti gravity fuel, and one gross (144 dozen)

assorted moon pies.

With their home planet Magar experiencing climate change

(current Magar daytime temperatures averaging 163 degrees),

Daylight is 21 hours of the Maygar 24 hour day.

With Bombay Beach daytime temps at only 132 the RV and

Salton Sea lot sales should be brisk.

It now seems to have been very smart of assistant warden

Rescue Randy, (yes Randy the live tissue crash test dummy,

to have taken the reward of 132 square miles of Salton Sea

land after rescuing the California Governor from his Martian


Which is a story for another time, until then taa ta

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