Euro Truck Simulator 2 [Download]

Climb into the cab and start your European trucking business in Euro Truck Simulator 2 for PC download. Start out driving one of eight highly detailed trucks taken from real models by manufacturers such as Scania, Volvo and Mercedes-Benz. Then deliver your cargo across a truly massive map that covers most of Europe, includes more than 60 cities and takes more than two hours to drive across at top speed. Unlock new missions, hire drivers, buy and customize new trucks and you could become a transport mogul!

System Requirements:

For the best experience, we recommend using: 

  • Microsoft Windows XP or Vista
    CPU 2.4+ GHz, 256 MB video card with up to date drivers
    DirectX 9 installed 


Product Features

  • Enjoy incredible scenery. Stunning visuals capture the majesty and charm of Europe in a map that stretches from the UK to Poland and down as far as northern Italy – with thousands of miles of road and hundreds of famous landmarks and structures.
  • Get the real driving experience.  Extremely detailed trucks, both inside and out, are based on real models. The cabs feature steering wheel support and working GPS to keep you on the road and help you reach your destination.
  • Customize your ride. Choose from a wide selection of parts to enhance the performance or look of your fleet.
  • Build your own business. Complete missions and gain cash to build garages, upgrades, drivers and more powerful vehicles. Explore the map and find new dealerships. Manage your money wisely to drive your way to the top.

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3 Responses to Euro Truck Simulator 2 [Download]

  1. Grieger says:

    Solid trucking sim with a lot of little improvements I’ve been a sucker for the 18 Wheels series (SCS Software developed those games as well) and I’d been hearing/reading about how great ETS 2 was so I had to try it. I didn’t even know about it (never played the first ETS). This review’s gonna get a bit long. Feel free to skip to the bottom if you’re not interested in the details.LONG VERSION:This time through, you can see the “maturity” of the game’s design. SCS has added and removed features over the years in the various…

  2. Rod says:

    I love this sim!! If you like trucking sims, buy it!! It’ll be years before your bored with this sim. Your key code can also be used on Steam for free and there are a few more perks that can’t be used with the boxed or download versions .I hate waiting for something so purchased the download version even though it’s a bit more expensive. At the time of my purchase, this wasn’t the latest version so I had to also download the patch update from ets2.

  3. John says:

    Why is this so much fun?!!!!!! Before i get going with the review. Buy yourself an Xbox360 controller which if you are a PC gamer you prob already have. It will make the game experience much better!!!!So ill start off by saying yes you drive trucks around Europe most of the time while listening to some great international radio stations. I have actually timed my playing time around a certain station in England that i like the morning show. Great touch by the devs to incorporate actual radio stations…