Escort StickyCup Windshield Mount

The new heavy duty low-profile StickyCup is a full-featured mount that includes a semi-sticky gel ring on the cup surface that improves cohesion and detector support on the windshield. The gel ring helps the StickyCup provide dramatically improved performance by filling in unseen but otherwise potentially destructive imperfections on the windshield mounting surface. With the gaps eliminated, StickyCup provides significantly greater surface adhesion and attachment force to the windshield. StickyCup is easy to use and fits all grades and slopes of automotive windshield glass. The new mount includes a rotating knob that adjusts the angle of the StickyCup bracket to perfectly match the pitch of the driver’s windshield. Once set, the mount permanently mirrors with the windshield slope and is always ready to use.

Product Features

  • Strong adherence to the windshield
  • Thumb wheel for angle adjustment
  • Locking clamp
  • Works with all current ESCORT radar detectors except Passport iQ, SmartRadar and the PASSPORT Max
  • Care instructions: To clean your sticky cup, simply rinse under warm water, gently wipe off any debris and allow to air dry

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3 Responses to Escort StickyCup Windshield Mount

  1. JGtz says:

    Pretty good. Expected Better Update: Finally got a chance to tweak it a bit and found that adding a small 1″ by 1.25″ piece of credit card or equal thickness piece of card stock will alleviate all issues of vibration when sliding the detector into the StickyCup Mount. The metal mount will slide on top of the piece of card so it won’t click anymore as you push it it further; however due to the snugness of the hole now it’s a secure fit. I’ve driven with this setup a couple hundred miles now and it’s snug as ever, no…

  2. AJ J. says:

    So far so good. I have been using the StickCup for a few weeks now and it holds the RD much more stable than the original window mount. I like how I can position it and lock it down so it does not bounce around. Time will tell how it holds up to the winter temps. If anything changes, I will update my review.Update: I have been using this mount for 6 months now and not one problem. It has worked in hot (100°F) and single digit temps and has held up just fine. I am very pleased with this…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Barely worked, but not because this is a bad design, its a great design, but where I am from in the Midwest, the cold temperatures seem to make it less likely to stick to my windshield. So it flies off alot while im driving which is dangerous. The only way to keep a passport escort radar detector securely in place is by putting some velcro on your dashboard and some on the bottom of the detector. That is the only thing that has ever worked super well for me. Ive tried many types of suction…