Escort Passport 9500ix Radar/Laser Detector (Blue Display)

  • Blistering All-Band Protection
  • 360-Degree Radar and Laser Detection
  • New Variable-Speed Radar Performance
  • New AutoLearn Feature
  • New Safety Camera Database – (pre-loaded with thousands of safety camera locations, including red light and fixed position speed cameras, located throughout North America)
  • New Web Ready for Location Database updates
  • New GPS-Powered Truelock Filter
  • New Mark Location Features
  • New Speed Alert
  • New Crystal-Clear Voice Alerts
  • New Intelligent Volume Control
  • User-Selectable Preferences
  • Brilliant Blue Display
  • 5 Levels of Brightness Control
  • Mute, AutoMute & SmartMute
  • Built-In Earphone Jack
  • Safety Warning System
  • Comes Fully Equipped
  • Location Database Updates and Detector Software Updates for the PASSPORT 9500ix require a Windows based computer.

    Product Features

    • Crystal-clear voice alerts and high resolution display
    • Variable speed radar performance
    • AutoLearn intelligence and user-selectable preferences
    • Safety warning system and brightness controls
    • Comes fully equiped with a Comprehensive owner’s manual, quick-release windshield mount, coiled SmartCord, quick reference card

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    2 Responses to Escort Passport 9500ix Radar/Laser Detector (Blue Display)

    1. "Big P" ""Big P"" says:

      Escort 9500ix VS Beltronics GX65 WHICH ONE IS BETTER? READ AND FIND OUT. I bought both the Escort 9500ix and Beltronics GX65 for a week long, on dash, real world comparison. They both are sold by the same company and they offer a 30 day, money back guarantee. I figured, what the heck…..I’ll try them out, side by side. These units were both mounted at the same level on the window of my truck.I read all the reviews I could get my hands on and narrowed it down to these two radar detectors. The Escort 9500ix and…

    2. MNGrouser says:

      Expensive? Sure. Worth the Expense? Absolutely If I had to sum up how I feel about the Escort 9500ix in a just few words, it would be “this detector is absolutely incredible” and leave it and its five star rating at that. But, if I was looking at detectors and see the price of the Escort and read only “this detector is….”, it wouldn’t sell me, so I’ll expand the review (please pardon that the examples I use relate to areas in and around the Twin Cities, but obviously they should apply to anywhere these situations may be encountered)…