Escort Passport 9500IX Case, Blue/Black, Small (Certified Refurbished)

Product Features

  • New Multi-Color OLED Display
  • Intuitive Controls
  • AutoLearn: Artificial Intelligence Protection
  • Fastest Response & Remarkable Accuracy
  • DEFENDER Database

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2 Responses to Escort Passport 9500IX Case, Blue/Black, Small (Certified Refurbished)

  1. HeeMann says:

    A Must Buy My first impression of this while I was driving around the city was, Wow, wow, wow. I’m telling you the Escort Passport 9500ix is awesome. I’ve read about Escort Passport radar detectors off and on since back in the mid 70’s. I first heard about them while reading a gentleman’s magazine (yes I was getting the magazine for the articles. I never said I didn’t look at the pictures).I drove around with my new 9500ix and my old radar detector both connected at the same time, and the same…

  2. "Big P" says:

    Escort 9500ix VS Beltronics GX65 WHICH ONE IS BETTER? READ AND FIND OUT. I bought both the Escort 9500ix and Beltronics GX65 for a week long, on dash, real world comparison. They both are sold by the same company and they offer a 30 day, money back guarantee. I figured, what the heck…..I’ll try them out, side by side. These units were both mounted at the same level on the window of my truck.I read all the reviews I could get my hands on and narrowed it down to these two radar detectors. The Escort 9500ix and…