Cobra Vedetta Ultimate Detection Systems Series, SLR 500 Radar/Laser Detector

Radar/Laser Detector with Color LCD and Voice Alert

Product Features

  • Supercharged Performance Radar/Laser Detector, provides phenomenal detection range on all radar/laser speed monitoring devices
  • Quad-level IntelliShield lets you choose from 4 levels of city filtering modes for improved false signal rejection
  • 2.4 inch, High-Def color display gives you a bright and easy to read/operate screen in any lighting situation with touch-point controls
  • VoiceAlert provides user with human voice band annunciation
  • Versatile and sturdy stealth mount for best performance and visibility

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3 Responses to Cobra Vedetta Ultimate Detection Systems Series, SLR 500 Radar/Laser Detector

  1. John S. Dean "John" says:

    More reliable than their XRS 9970G was… I had recently purchased a Cobra XRS 9970G for my new car, and it started out alright. I really liked the GPS function – speed trap areas, photo enforcement areas, even a user selectable area it could guide you to. But about the time the Amazon return period was up, it went batty. There’s a “smart power” feature that monitors car voltage and turns it off if it senses the battery not charging properly. And on my brand new car, where I can see the voltage on the display, it kept shutting off…

  2. A. Jackson says:

    Speed Camaras ‘i see you’ I wanted to purchase this item a year ago, the cost was $199- $299 depending on the model. Friday I planned a trip from Michigan to Maryland for two nights and thought I should check the price on a decent detector. I was shocked to see that the 500 was below $70, RS has it for $103, with next day air and saturday delivery i paid $93. This detector worked well enough for me not to get a ticket. I did notice a few State Troopers werent using radar they used basic justment. Some vehicles went past…

  3. M. Connelly says:

    Thrilled! Just thrilled with this warehouse deals deal. Paid for itself 45 minutes after installing and hitting the road! Highly recommended. Initial trip out and drove 200 miles country/small city/highway driving…This is hands down the finest detector I have ever owned/used. Even grocery stores don’t set it off like one would expect. A few blips and that’s that! Intelli-mute is just an awesome feature, the compass is more accurate than my car compass, the volt meter is outstandingly accurate as well…