Cobra IRAD200 iRadar Smart Detection for iPhone and Android Devices

The Cobra iRADAR 200 community-based detection system is a high performance detector that detects all radar & laser guns currently in use. It works with iPhone and Android smartphones, provides 360 degrees protection, and reduces false alerts with City/Highway Mode. The Cobra iRadar App displays visual alerts from the detector on iPhone or Android smartphones. It alerts to speed and red light cameras, known speed traps and dangerous intersections. The App shares alerts and locations in real-time with the Cobra iRadar Community.

Product Features

  • Full 14-Band protection from X-Band radar, K-Band radar, Ka-Band radar, POP mode, VG-2, all six laser types and Safety Alert
  • Easily and quickly pairs with iRadar app for enhanced functionality Does not interfere with Bluetooth hands-free devices or audio streaming
  • Alerts sound through the speaker while visual alerts are shown on phone through the iRadar app
  • Automatically provides accurate electronic speed and direction headings
  • Provides users with continuously updated access to Cobra’s industry-leading verified camera locations

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2 Responses to Cobra IRAD200 iRadar Smart Detection for iPhone and Android Devices

  1. painslayer "EL" says:

    Great value for the price 0

  2. BigAL says:

    Great little detector, but needs something more (from you) Very sensitive, if not too sensitive radar detector. Saved my bacon many times this summer going to and from our lake home retreat. I bought this along with a rear view mirror mount. very slick set up and looks… well like nothing. you wouldn’t even notice it. I like all the features it has and the Iphone link works great unless you are streaming music wirelessly to your headunit. But I find that other than on long trips it sits idle. I just don’t like the fact you have to open a app everytime…