Cobra Electronics 8500 Pro 7-Inch Professional Driver Navigation System

The Cobra 8500 Pro HD has a high definition 7″ touch screen that is thin, light-weight, bright and easy to use. Superior Truck and Last-mile routing give you 4 times more trucking attributes, coverage on secondary roads and dock-to-dock routing. Live and predictive traffic helps you save time and money avoiding costly traffic congestion. Live fuel prices search for up-to-date diesel fuel prices at your favorite fuel stops. Live weather forecasts search for up-to-date weather information, including severe weather alerts. Lifetime map updates give you the most accurate up-to-date maps. Enhanced state mileage logs and hours of service timers assist with IFTA fuel tax reporting and hours of service logging.

Product Features

  • 7″ HD touchscreen – 800 x 480 pixels offer a bright, easy to read display
  • Powered by ProMiles and TruckDown, includes truck stops, weigh stations, repair locations, parking, rest stops, pharmacies, and lodging; with amenities including WiFi, showers, restaurants, and laundry, plus over 12 million standard points of interest
  • Includes complete STAA national highway network & state access roads, national bridge inventory list and national HazMat route registry data for providing truck-optimized route for lower 48 states and Canada
  • Enter city/highway MPG for your vehicle and cost of fuel to instantly calculate trip cost for your route
  • Windshield mount, 12V DC power cord and USB cable

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2 Responses to Cobra Electronics 8500 Pro 7-Inch Professional Driver Navigation System

  1. MUHAMMAD S. says:

    Unresponsive Touch Screen at First Use Few minutes after turning it on for the first time, the touch screen became unresponsive. Restarted, worked again. Then again, the screen became unresponsive. Happened more than thrice.Downloaded the map and device software updates ( using the MAC version on my Macbook Pro ) but then got a message that the updates cannot be applied. Did this more than 7 times but still got the same message. The screen became unresponsive again.Frustrated, Disappointed, Shocked…

  2. Robert says:

    8500 Pro GPS I purchased the Cobra 8500 Pro GPS right here from Amazon (should have never applied for the amazon card) to replace my Cobra 7700 Pro GPS unit that I have used every day for the last 5 years (finally died of 3 years of dirt road abuse). The last map update that I had done on the 7700 was about 4 years ago while driving otr so I really can’t compare the routing suggestions between the two units since the 7700 would try routing me 200 miles out of my way just to come back a mile from where I was…