Cobra 8000 PRO HD 7-Inch Navigation GPS for Professional Drivers

Cobra’s 8000 PRO HD has a high definition 7″ touch screen that is thin, light-weight, bright and easy to use. Live and predictive traffic saves time and money avoiding costly traffic congestion. Lifetime map updates provide the most accurate up-to-date maps. Enhanced state mileage log and hours of service timers assist with IFTA and hours of service reporting. Truck-specific points of interest powered by ProMiles includes all major travel centers with detailed amenity information such as food options, internet access, shower availability, etc.

Product Features

  • 800 x 480 pixels offer a bright, easy-to-read display
  • With loud, clear voice instructions and phonetic pronunciation of street names
  • 12 truck types, including straight truck; single and double trailers in various axle configurations
  • Keeps track of on duty, on duty driving/off duty time based on GPS position
  • Shows closest rest area, travel center, weigh station and mile marker at a glance

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2 Responses to Cobra 8000 PRO HD 7-Inch Navigation GPS for Professional Drivers

  1. cjsbarb says:

    COBRA 8000 0

  2. Steven A Vivacqua says:

    No Good I truck the 48 states in every direction and this must be the worst GPS on the market. Even with the latest software update, the best this unit can do is route me to a truck stop correctly 90% of the time. It has very serious map and software issues that will get you lost or on the wrong route nearly every time. I have to program each and every turn if I want this GPS to guide me to my destination BUT THAT is a painful process because the route editing feature is very clunky! Those stupid Lane…