Cobra 7600 PRO 7-Inch Navigation GPS for Professional Driver

Cobra’s 7600 PRO has a 7″ touch screen that is thin, light-weight, bright and easy to use. Enhanced truck-specific routing uses vehicle height, width and weight limits along with national and state truck restrictions. Junction view guides you to the correct lane to make it easy to navigate complex interchanges. Truck-specific points of interest powered by ProMiles includes all major travel centers with detailed amenity information such as food options, internet access, shower availability, etc. AURA camera and driving hazard protection alerts to speed and red light cameras as well as speed traps and dangerous intersections.

Product Features

  • With loud, clear voice instructions and phonetic pronunciation of street names
  • 12 truck types, including straight truck; single and double trailers in various axle configurations
  • Simplifies guidance for complex junctions
  • Keeps track of on duty, on duty driving/off duty time based on GPS position
  • Shows closest rest area, travel center, weigh station and mile marker at a glance

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3 Responses to Cobra 7600 PRO 7-Inch Navigation GPS for Professional Driver

  1. Trucker Jim says:

    Great Trucker GPS when not frozen 0

  2. ms.chele01 says:

    Excellent Device I got this for my husband because he is a Hazmat Driver and he absolutely loves it. The features are very easy to use and the initial set-up was user friendly. The screen is very large so it’s easy for him to see when he’s driving and trying to navigate. He had another system before this that was not for truckers and needless to say it doesn’t compare to all of the options on this device. You wont be disappointed. The shipment came super fast so don’t worry about getting an expedited…

  3. Nicholas says:

    Truckers Beware I bought this GPS based mostly on its price and as people say, you get what you pay for. While the functions of this GPS is very easy to get use to, it is rather laggy and lacks many features found in competitor GPS. Often time, this GPS directs the driver in a rather weird and harder way of getting to the destination and often time is rather off when it comes to arriving at the destination. I can now understand why it is so much cheaper than the other models in the same class by almost 50%…