Cobra 5600PROLM 5″ Pro Driver Navigation GPS with Lifetime Maps

The Cobra 5600PROLM Portable GPS offers professional Truck drivers the very best deal to date on a Truck specific GPS. Not a stripped down no name GPS, but a Cobra, and it is Loaded with amenities including Free Lifetime Map updates.
The Cobra 5600PROLM takes into account commercial truck restrictions such as bridge heights and load limits, along with 1-way streets and left-hand and dangerous turn restrictions. For example, typical metrics for a Tractor trailer might be entered as 80,000 lb., 13’6″ height, 53′ length, and 96″ width. There are also settings for Hazmat.

Product Features

  • High Definition 5″ Touch Screen (800 x 480 Pixels)
  • Enhanced State Mileage Log & Hours of Service Timers
  • Truck Optimized Route Guidance
  • Lane Assist with Junction View
  • Accessories Included: Windshield Mount, 12V DC Power Cord and USB Cable

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3 Responses to Cobra 5600PROLM 5″ Pro Driver Navigation GPS with Lifetime Maps

  1. ck1010 says:

    Dont buy What a waste if money. Before you can attempt tp use it you have to hook up to your computer and download cobra software. That would be fine except their own software wouldnt load properly and had to use the “fix” on their website before i could even get the program to come up. Then it just kept saying to connect the device. No matter how many different times/ways i tried it still kept giving me that message. Somehow, finally, it updated its position and we were able to attempt to use…

  2. daniel n o'connor iii says:

    Graphics are pretty bad. This is more like a 1980’s Nintendo … 0

  3. Whitney Wray says:

    Four Stars 0