CarThree 360 Degree Bird View System Waterproof Seamless 4 Camera Car DVR Universal All Round View Camera System with Super Hd 1080P Night Vision for All Car

Description: This product is a full range of video surveillance system specifically designed for automotive safe driving , Front , front , left and right four -way video input the same time , or PIP shows around the state at a glance , without manual operation , automatic switching , to provide effective protection for the traffic safety
Product Features 1. Full 360 degree aerial view picture really wipe out blind corner, completely replace the conventional rear view parking. 2. Night vision function, IP68 waterproof 3. support motion detection, sensing moving object hosts automatically on video. 4. panoramic imaging and navigation system also supports fast switching and programmes broadcast in the background. 5. panoramic imaging local monitor screen zoom function. 6. independent four-way display that automatically switch display when turning and parking, easy driving. 7. support high power/low voltage protection, ensure that owners of vehicles in the safe. 8. panoramic Quad monitor records, travel images saved in real time, but also facilitate the immediate evidence.
Product parameter: Camera: 1.Image sensor: PC1099 2. Optical size:1/3 inch 3.Pixel pitch: 5.0*7.4um 4. Effective pixel: 720(h)*480(v) pixel 5.Horizontal resolution: 580 TV lines 6.Video format: NTSC 7. Dynamic range:>72db 8. S/N ratio: >48db 9. minimum illumination: 0.1 Lux 10. view angle: 170° output: 1.0V& 75Ω
Package included: 1 x Control Host 4 x Camera(Front, Rear, Left, Right) 4 x Camera Extension Cord 1 x Wire Harness 1 x Video Output Cable 1 x Infrared receiver 1 x Remote Controller 1 x Trapper 1 x User Manual 1 x Installation package

Product Features

  • ►360 degree view car camera system can clearly and truly show your car’s driving condition, you can see any part of your car’s position, make your driving easy and safe
  • ►You can choose a different angle to view your car’s surroundings, and it automatically switches the view when you turn and reverse
  • ►When you drive, it can record four cameras for HD 1080P video ,In the parking lot, when the car encounters vibrations, it will start the camera to record the video
  • ►360 bird view use all 6-glass HD lens, With the uniquetechnology of strong light suppression and noise reduction, makes it like daytime without any light. It solves the stubborn illness that can not be seen at night, and makes the night no longer dark
  • ►Super wide-angle camera (over 170 degrees): Have 4 waterproof night vision Camera, Recorded data can be used to provide irrefutable evidence of fraudulent claims

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2 Responses to CarThree 360 Degree Bird View System Waterproof Seamless 4 Camera Car DVR Universal All Round View Camera System with Super Hd 1080P Night Vision for All Car

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very much satisfied with the new product that they have sent I am so very impressed with the customer service and support of the company!!! I ordered this system and it took some time to get it installed (life/work schedule), but it can be installed by yourself. You do not need a professional, but if you’re not handy you might want a pro. If you’ve ever installed a car radio, it’s not much harder. Just remember, this is just connecting wires… The scariest part is committing to drilling the hole in the mirrors Lol, but just measure twice cut once. The…

  2. Anonymous says:

    You can not go wrong with this product.