Disney’s new Songs and Story product line is a special value series of classic tales and memorable melodies. Enjoy songs from the original film or songs that equally match the whimsy of the property and a narrated story with original character voices and authentic sound effects. Perfect for movie lovers of award winning Cars. Great gift item for any child!

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3 Responses to Cars

  1. D Parker says:

    My son love this. The story is excellent and the songs … My son love this. The story is excellent and the songs are great. The songs come from the movie, but they are performed by different singers and bands. They are essentially cover versions, but they are really good. I was a bit bummed that they replaced “bud lite” with “apple pie” in the Real Gone song. Apparently, it’s bad for a kid’s song to have the words “bud lite” in them even though it’s ok for cars to shoot and kill each other in Disney’s Cars 2 movie. Sorry,…

  2. Torris says:

    Great CD My son is in love with cars and all the movies. I happened to stumble upon CD and give it a try and see if you like it. My son is 3 years old. And he absolutely loves CD. He is able to sing along with all the songs and even tells me to quiet down the story. Because there are only a few songs and story it does get monotonous to hear it over and over again but my parents. Whenever we get in the car if the CD is not playing he’ll chant queen queen queen. Otherwise it is a great CD. The only con is…

  3. Amazon Customer says:

    Five Stars