Car Stereo Cookbook (TAB Electronics)

The first edition of this book was written six years ago. Since then, there have been some significant developments in the area of car audio (and video). In addition, many of the products featured in the first edition are now obsolete. While the first edition of the book continues to sell, we have seen a bit of a slow-down at major accounts. This edition promises to be even more successful than the last. Car Stereo Cookbook, 2e is a completely revamped edition of a hugely successful title that continues to sell. This revised book will include new information on mobile video, satellite radio, mp3, wma, digital broadcast radio, and will eliminate the out-of-date products that are no longer pertinent.

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3 Responses to Car Stereo Cookbook (TAB Electronics)

  1. johnny says:

    Contains some helpful tips With a book of almost 300 pages I expected much more detailed explanations. The author introduces technical aspects but hardly ever explains what they mean ie cross over slopes. Set-up information is limited to wiring diagrams, you never seen any real installation pictures. And then there are diagrams for dual preamps head outputs but the pictures show one one set going to the amps. Then there is a huge chapter on subwoofers and the author gives no information on techniques for mounting the…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I was happy with the pricing (some other sites asking for DOUBLE what I paid), the quality of the book, and, most of all, the shipping. I received the book a day before the estimated delivery time, which, whether it was just an error or something, was most pleasing. Over all, a very good experience. My only problem with this, and just about all other listings, is that there wasn’t a lot of information on the page about this book. I had to do my research on this book on other sites to see if it…

  3. Anonymous says: