Car GPS Tracker Worldwide ,Vehicle Realitme Tracking with No Monthly Fee Waterproof Portable Magnetic Tracking Device 90 Days Long Standby,onPoint Free Tracking &Monitoring System

Working Mode:( Set it up on APP) 
SMS Track Time:about 70 days
Sleep by time,use APP & PC:about 50 days
Wake up by shock,use APP & PC:about 3-4 days

Size: 90 x 72 x 22mm
Weight: 168g
Color: Black
Input: 5V-1A 
Output: 110-220V 
Standby Time:about 90 days
GPS accuracy: 5m
Network: GSM / GPRS
GPS Sensitivity: -159dBm
Battery: Rechargeable 3.7V 5000mAh Lithium battery

Package Includes:
1 x GPS Tracker
1 x USB Cable
1 x Storage Bag
1 x Micro Sim Adapter
1 x Nano Sim Adapter
1 x User Manual

Warm Notice:
1.You need to buy GSM sim card in your local area.
2.Each month will cost you network dataflow fee , around 50mb per month.
3.This GPS trackers need to use a 2G SIM card for 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz, not support 3G, 4G SIM card

1.Why does the device show wrong position when the device is online in platform? 
1). No GPS signal ,but the device can get LBS location, should put the device on the window or outside to get GPS signal , the blue light is solid on in this situation, the green light flash 

  2.Why does the device can’t be on line ?
1)  APN setting is wrong
2) GPRS is off ( the green light is off or solid on )
3)  IP and port was changed by somebody

3.How to set the device connected to the server ?
Check sim card carrier on internet or put sim card into cell phone to find APN
Two steps to set apn:
1), Turn on gprs function by sending command “gprs123456”
2),Set apn by sending command “apn123456 content” , “apnuser123456
content” ,”apnpassword123456 content” , pls note the content come from sim card carrier , there are small blank after 123456 in every command.

Product Features

  • ✔Widely Used:Track the location of the vehicles(renting car,truck,moto,freezer,boat etc)MOBILE GPS TRACKING ON YOUR IPHONE, ANDROID PHONE, PC AND MAC!! Real-time Tracking with Live reporting and History log. View on Phone or on Website. You can also receive GPS coordinates via SMS Text.This item use 2G GSM network,you can search on Amazon: SpeedTalk Mobile or Asin:B01N9XPPGZ
  • ✔Saving Power:Maximum 90 days working time with 5000mAh Lithium-iron battery.Another one we suggest is our 2nd Generation TK915 if you need Longer standby than our TK905(Search ASIN:B072SM52XY)
  • ✔Overspeed Alarm & Geo Fence: When the vehicle is out of the set speed, the gps tracker will send the overspeed alarm message to the phone. Remind you to drive safely. When the vehicle is out of the set range, it will send an alarm message to the phone. Remind you beyond the limits.
  • ✔Route History Playback: It can customize the time period to check the form of track playback. The device can be kept route history for 6 months.Support Location Based Service,it can be tracked even if the car is in underground when there is no gps signal.
  • ✔Realtime FREE Tracking Web platform by tablet/desktop PC & FREE APP,GSM/GPS dual mode positioning, positioning accuracy of up to 5 meters.Search ” TKSTARGPS” to the iPhone/ Android APP Store or Google Play,and download it if the QR Code is not workable. Any questions for the usage pls email me:

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2 Responses to Car GPS Tracker Worldwide ,Vehicle Realitme Tracking with No Monthly Fee Waterproof Portable Magnetic Tracking Device 90 Days Long Standby,onPoint Free Tracking &Monitoring System

  1. Krystal says:

    Bad Instuctions, No Customer Service, Great Product THIS PRODUCT IS GREAT!!! Let me explain. It’s easy to use and works amazingly great. I had to give three stars, however, because the manual is a nightmare and there is no number to call; so customer service doesn’t exist.Here is the deal, it is a bit confusing at first but after looking up YouTube videos and trial and error I figured it out.How it works:This device is easy to use, simple, and has two ways of tracking. One way is by calling the gps then hanging up…

  2. Andrea Warner says:

    Love this tracker!