Camecho Updated 12V / 24V Wireless Color Video Transmitter & Receiver Kit For Vehicle RV Bus Front Car Backup Rear View Camera

Camecho Updated wireless 9V-35V receiver&transmitter mainly used for wireless backup camera
Kindly note: Becasue the wireless signal frenquency is same, per vehicle limit one wireless unit .

1. Please check whether the electrical wiring is connected correct.
2. Please check the receiver whether turn on red light, check the transmitter whether turn on blue light.
3. Safety note: if you find receiver and transmitter unnormal warm when it was connect to power, please stop use, contact us directly.
4. Please be mind put antenna horizontal when install transmitter and receiver.
5. Please power off other electronic device when using wireless transmission.
6.As much as possible reduce the distance and solid obstacle between receiver and transmitter.

Parameter-Receiver / transmitter frequency: 2370MHZ;
Power output: 100MW;
Voltage: DC 9V /35V;
Video IN/OUT: PAL/NTSC composite video signal;
Signal range: 100M (in jam-free open areas);
Working TEMP: -20°C- +80°C;
Receiver sensitivity: -85Dbm;
Working current: DC=9V / 35V
AV OUT interface: RCA jack.

Package List:
1 x Wireless Receiver(lit up red light)
1 x Wireless Transmitter (lit up blue light)

Product Features

  • Camecho Updated Wide Voltage Technology: 9V – 35V 2.4G wireless RCA color video Transmitter / Receiver for Car / Truck / Trailer / Van / Bus etc.
  • More stable wireless signal: transmission up range to 40-80ft, ensure higher quality image, suitable for most vehicles.
  • Wide voltage 9-35V, 7.8 ft length extention cable of receiver and transmitter. Easy to install and more safety.
  • 2.4G Wireless RCA Video receiver/transmitter avoids complicated wiring, to be used with in-car monitor, head unit, backup camera, etc
  • Customer service:30-Day Money Back Guarantee, 6 Month Replacement Warranty, any question via

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2 Responses to Camecho Updated 12V / 24V Wireless Color Video Transmitter & Receiver Kit For Vehicle RV Bus Front Car Backup Rear View Camera

  1. Mark says:

    Updated wireless Camecho Updated 12V / 24V Wireless Color Video Transmitter & Receiver KitSprung for updated version for the higher input voltage rating. The LEDs not needed (nor will ever be seen again) but do help in setting up.Installed between slide in camper and truck. Transmitter mounted in camper is powered by campers reverse light, receiver mounted in truck by trucks reverse light. Backup camera is placed over rear door, about 9′ up. Used a DC power/video extension cable and an RCA…

  2. An Amazon Customer says:

    Saved a lot of effort pulling wires I used it to add a rear view camera into the tailgate of a Subaru Outback so that I didn’t have to pull the wires via the headliner and roof hinges. Produces a good solid picture and I didn’t have any problems with FM radio interference.The documentation is adequate – remember that you still have to tap into the reversing light circuit at the front of the vehicle if the head unit needs it. This product would be extraordinary if they provided a voltage line for this, triggered by the…