BOSS Audio KIT2 8 Gauge Amplifier Installation Kit

8 Gauge amplifier installation kit includes:

Product Features

  • 8 gauge amplifier installation kit
  • Competition high-quality fuse holder
  • Ring terminals: #10, 0.25-inch, 0.31-inch
  • Twenty 4-inch wire ties
  • Many feet of wire and cable: red power, black ground, blue turn-on, speaker wire
  • 20 ft. 8 GA Red Power Cable
  • Competition High Quality Fuse Holder
  • 1/4″ Ring Terminal
  • 3 ft. 8 GA Black Ground Cable
  • #10 Ring Terminal

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2 Responses to BOSS Audio KIT2 8 Gauge Amplifier Installation Kit

  1. kasls says:

    Skip all the other reviews, read the facts here: OK. So like many others, I read all the other reviews on this item. In doing so I learned two things…. 1) Everybody thinks they are an expert in car audio, yet they buy the cheapest 4GA wire kit on the internet and complain about it 2) This kit is not 4GA.Now, I knocked off a star because they advertise 4GA, when in fact it is 8-9 GA. I’ll add a picture to the pile showing the comparison of this kits 4GA and a piece of 9GA so you can see the actual difference. Since they are…

  2. Tom Paine "NB" says:

    just the right parts at the right time and price Judging from a lot of the reviews here people seemed to be expecting more. Like expecting to pay more for the same or less. I looked at several kits here and elsewhere and I went ahead and ordered this for installing a Boss Bass1200 in a Tacoma pickup (I don’t need to rock the car next to me, just me and my passengers). The fuse holder alone costs as much elsewhere (I saw the exact one) as the who kit does here. I don’t do this professionally. Install car audio components. I don’t have a…