BOSS Audio BV9757B In-Dash Double-Din 7-inch Motorized Touchscreen DVD/CD/USB/SD/MP4/MP3 Player Receiver Bluetooth Streaming Bluetooth Hands-free with Remote

Boss Audio Systems BV9757B DVD/MP3/CD player

Video Output, Rear Camera Input, Audio/Video Input, Front, Rear and Subwoofer Outputs
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Platinum Online Dealer Warranty

3 year BOSS Audio Platinum Online Dealer Warranty when purchased from Amazon. com

General Features

1) RDS Tuner”RDS” stands for “Radio Data System” and it allows FM broadcasters to send far more than just an analog audio signal out over the air waves. Using a 57 kHz “subcarrier,” stations can transmit digital RDS data for reception by RDS-equipped FM tuners. Depending on what the broadcaster transmits and what your tuner can pick up, you can receive information such as the name of the artist/song, name of the station, genre, traffic information and more. 2) 7” MonitorA 7 inch widescreen TOUCHSCREEN digital TFT monitor is offered. It is a fixed which means that you are not able to detach the faceplate. The monitor does slide down though so you can insert an SD memory card with all of your favorite Audio and Video entertainment needs. 3) Switchable US & Europe Tuner FrequenciesIf you happen to take the BV9757B outside of the US, you are able to pick up European frequencies so that you can enjoy your music abroad as well. 4) Front AUX (Auxiliary) InThis input in the front of the BV9757B that says “AUX” is an interface that allows the input of audio signals for MP3 players, headphones and portable music players. It is for AUDIO ONLY and not video. 5) Output Power: 85 Watts x 4 ChannelsThe BV9757B offers 4 channels that can be used to hook up 4 speakers. Typically though, it is a much better practice to have an amplifier running your system.


DVD±R/RW Video, CD±RW Audio & Video, MP3 / WMA

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Bluetooth Audio Streaming

Bluetooth technology is a short-range radio technology that was developed to provide wireless audio and data transmission. Two Bluetooth-enabled devices (like a mobile phone and a car) can be paired so that they establish a communication link when they come within range of each other. Depending on the device, the range can be anywhere from 3 to 300 feet. The BV9757B supports A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile). A2DP is a Bluetooth profile that allows for the wireless transmission of stereo audio from an A2DP source (typically a phone or computer) to an A2DP receiver (a set of Bluetooth headphones or stereo system).

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Steering Wheel Interface

You can be even safer now with the interface capability that allows you to connect the existing steering wheel controls that you already have straight to the BV9757B in a wide variety of vehicles to almost any brand of aftermarket stereos. You will be able to control the volume, change channels, answer calls and more.

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Bluetooth Hands-Free

There is flip side to the Bluetooth Audio Streaming mentioned above. With this function you are able to answer you phone with just one press of a button. When the call ends you can either hang up first by pressing just one button again or do nothing at all as long as the person you were talking to hangs up first. Just keep on driving without any distractions.

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USB Ports

The BV9757B offers a front as well as a rear USB port

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Compatible With Audio Output of iPod / iPhone, Smartphones and MP3 Players

A great feature that comes in handy is the AUX input located in front of the unit. What this does is that it allows you to connect a device that has an Auxiliary output, such as your iPhone/iPod, smartphone and MP3 player straight into the Auxiliary input of your head unit. So basically a cable that has (2) 3.5mm (male) plugs. Important: Please beware that this feature is not the same as the “Full iPod Control”. This feature will only allow you to control your music by clicking on the designated buttons via the face or front side of your unit.

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SD Memory Card Port

The screen slides down and you are able to insert an SD memory card

Product Features

  • PLAYBACK: DVD±R/RW Video – CD±R/RW Audio & Video – MP3 / WMA – Bluetooth Audio Streaming
  • INPUTS & OUTPUTS: Bluetooth Hands-Free – USB Ports (Front & Rear) – SD Port – Aux-In
  • Compatible with Audio Output of iPod/iPhone, Smartphones, and MP3 Players

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3 Responses to BOSS Audio BV9757B In-Dash Double-Din 7-inch Motorized Touchscreen DVD/CD/USB/SD/MP4/MP3 Player Receiver Bluetooth Streaming Bluetooth Hands-free with Remote

  1. Carlos says:

    so bad election, I just install it a week ago … 0

  2. vdub says:

    Not bad, but not great. Basically, you get what you pay for. Not a bad unit but not great. I got this for my 2007 ford f150. The double din kit you need for it doesn’t fit. I had to modify the faceplate to get it to go over the screen. The motorized screen will not let you put the kit faceplate over it. The quality is decent. You can tell tho, the format sorta looks like a newer version of 98 lite. Good power tho. Minor glitches but you should expect that since it’s so cheap. Honestly I would save money at least $300…

  3. Derek Phelps says:

    Easily freezes. I drive a Chevy Venture van Easily freezes. I drive a Chevy Venture van, and use an my cricket, LG phone w Android 4.4 I think. Cricket has a music subscription called Deezer, with the Bluetooth on phone, i play my musical choices on radio. Works awesome. Tunes come smoothly, sounds nice, credit also to the speakers. Unfortunately, sometimes screan on deck freezes, the “Streaming” input doesnt interface with phone all the time. When I hit the rewind or Ff button trying t change tracks, it doesnt always respond. I…