BOSS Audio 612UA In-Dash Single-Din USB/SD/MP3 Player Receiver


Front controls
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612UA In-Dash Single-DIN MP3 Compatible CD AM/FM Receiver

Front Auxiliary In

On the front of the 612UA is an input labeled “AUX”, which allows the input of audio signals for MP3 players, headphones, and portable music players.

Switchable US and Europe Tuner Frequencies

If you happen to take the 612UA outside of the US, you are able to pick up European frequencies so that you can enjoy your music abroad as well.

Output Power: 50 Watts x 4 Channels

The 612UA offers four channels that can be used to hook up four speakers. Typically though, it is a much better practice to have an amplifier running your system.

At a Glance
  • USB memory port
  • SD memory card port
  • RCA outputs
  • MP3 audio
What’s in the Box
  • 612UA
  • Instruction manual
  • Removal keys
  • Wire harness
Model Bluetooth Audio USB/SD Ports Bluetooth Hands-Free iPod Audio Output Subwoofer Out AUX Input Output Power
612UA 50W x 4 CH
647CK USB Only 60W x 4 CH
650UA 60W x 4 CH
738UA 60W x 4 CH
758DBI 80W x 4 CH
775DI SD Only 80W x 4 CH
810DBI 80W x 4 CH
870DBI 80W x 4 CH

Product Features

  • Single-DIN mounting, Active black mask display, Illuminated control buttons Single-DIN mounting Active black mask display Illuminated control buttons
  • PLL synthesized tuner with 30 station presets, USB port / Front panel AUX input, Compatible with audio output of iPod and other MP3 players
  • ID3-Tag display, Quartz digital clock, Separate bass and treble
  • Max Output Power / Channel : 50 Watts x 4,1-Year Free Parts & Labor

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3 Responses to BOSS Audio 612UA In-Dash Single-Din USB/SD/MP3 Player Receiver

  1. M LANCE says:

    Good price for the features offered, know it’s limitations! Pros: price, both USB & SD(HC), id3 tag display, and sound quality. Cons: crappy docmentasen [sic;], warranty will cost you, and the mp3 read order. I did the research and knew what to expect for the price I was willing to pay. The unit therefore meets my needs; the sound exceeded my expectations. I was pleasantly surprised that it takes 8GB SDHC media. Not so happy that it did not have standard mounting screw holes, in fact no mounting holes; easy to fix. One of my dislikes is that mp3…

  2. Joseph Dizon says:

    Good System I installed this on a 2000 Oldsmodbile Alero and I had no issues. Just made sure that I matched the color connectors and hooked it up with the existing harness and voila, it worked. Also purchased an auxiliary cable to hook up with MP3 player and it worked like a charm. Lots of powers (200W) and could receive AM/FM signals. This unit has no CD player and is replaced by an SD Card which is fine. CD’s are almost the thing of the past. All in all, I recommend this Boss 612UA car stereo/mp3…

  3. gbodman says:

    Fantastic unit even for twice the asking price! I threw this into my winter beater since it was only five bucks more than what the junkyard wanted for a factory unit. I gotta say, this thing is worth the money as long as it lasts (only had it for a week). The tuner pulls in stations as well as a factory GM unit, and will even fill your presets automatically if you wish! Aux, SD and USB all work great. It took a 8 gig SD with no problem, which I have problems with my other mechless reciever in a different car. The clock is tricky to set,…