Beltronics Vector V940 Radar / Laser Detector with Bonus Second Car Kit (SmartCord & Sticky Car Mount)

Superior Protection: The V940 uses a state-of-the-art receiver that gives you the finest 360° early-warning, long-range of any detector in it’s class! The V940 has 6 times the range of import detectors and covers you for all bands of radar used in North America. Digital Anti-Falsing Technology: Analyzes and virtually eliminates false alerts. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Beltronics “AutoScan” minimizes false alerts, allowing you to enjoy a worry free, quite ride. Drive Aware and Informed: Brilliant red display with crystal-clear voice alerts allow “eyes-on-the-road” driving! See them before they see you! BONUS PACK: Includes a new heavy duty StickyCuptm mount and handy SmartCordtm plug for easy-reach muting (a $59.90 bonus). Comes ready to use… just plug it in and go! “Best price-to-performance ratio of any radar detector on the planet!” – Mute and automute audio controls Easy-to-use options and controls Clear digital voice or audio alerts Ultra-bright high definition display Brightness control with dark mode Includes Bonus Second Car Kit: SmartCord and StickyCup mount

Product Features

  • Longest radar detection range
  • All-band radar and laser coverage
  • The fastest response time
  • Multi-sensor 360 degree laser protection
  • Digital signal processing

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3 Responses to Beltronics Vector V940 Radar / Laser Detector with Bonus Second Car Kit (SmartCord & Sticky Car Mount)

  1. Muchohombre says:

    A Good Bargain Detector. THE GOOD: Very good build quality. Fair off axis detection and good overall range. Better than what you would expect at this price point. With the free Smart Cord and Sticky Cup windshield mount it is a bargain.THE BAD: The top of the detector is silver. It will reflect onto your windshield. The usual falses on X and K bands from automatic door openers, security systems and the like.THE UGLY: Do not believe the product description on the blister pack. You cannot turn of the X Band…

  2. Robert Chiu says:

    Good Unit for the Price 0

  3. Josef L says:

    Working great So far this detector is working okay . Time will tell if it works as advertised in description . I still get false alerts where I know it’s just a stores security system but not as long of a beeping sound as my old cobra detector . As for distance for a cop patrolling it is great ! Yesterday got an X alert for quite a while and finally saw him coming towards me . I would estimate at least a mile it picked up his radar signal . That was in city . No alerts yet on the highway but I have only used…