Astatic 302-10036 RD104E Road Devil Amplified 4-Pin CB Microphone

The Astatic 4 pin Road Devil Amplified noise Canceling Microphone features a high gain amplifier with electronic equalization to provide maximum talk power and intelligibility even under noisy conditions.

Product Features

  • World Famous Replacement Mic
  • Features a High Gain Amplifier with Electronic Equalization
  • Provides Maximum Talk Power and Intelligibility even Under Noisy Conditions
  • Designed for Close Talking Handheld Applications
  • For CB, Amateur Radio and SSB Communications

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2 Responses to Astatic 302-10036 RD104E Road Devil Amplified 4-Pin CB Microphone

  1. Amazon Customer says:

    Truck driver approved Arrived in original new packaging with no damage. I have tested it with and without the battery on A cobra 29 LTD and a striker 955 HP in my western star. It definitely works great. And I have read the other reviews on this before I bought it and was skeptical. In fact I almost didn’t get it after reading the reviews. I’m gonna tell you right now I own 20 different microphones and 15 cb radios. And this is my new favorite toy. I am a truck driver and I use it all day every day and it is…

  2. Jaeger says:

    HOT MIC I’ve tried this amplified noise cancelling mic and have it barely on. I like testing various mics to squeeze out the crispest sound on Ssb. Please be aware that if your radios mic gain is up and it also has speech compression, using any power mic in that system, can overdrive your audio and quickly go into distortion. Just adjust everything down and fine tune it. (Picture a sock in your mouth and talking into the back side of the mic, all with a plastic bag over your head.). A little…