Arkon Removable Swivel Air Vent GPS Car Mount Holder for Garmin nuvi 40 50 200 2013 24×5 25×5 GPS

The GN047 air vent mount is compatible with Garmin nuvi devices having the 17mm swivel ball mounting pattern, including the 40, 50, 200, 2013, 24×5, and 25×5 Series, as well as Garmin nuvi 1450, 1450T, 1490T, 1200, 1250, 1260T, 1300, 1350, 1350T, 1370T, and 1390T models. This mount package includes an air vent mount with swivel ball head. The air vent mount clips onto any horizontal car air vent louvers, and a support leg rests on the bottom of the vent for added reinforcement. Garmin GPS devices can be mounted to the car’s air vent by attaching the mount’s 17mm ball base to the GPS device. The swivel ball head of the air vent mount provides 360° rotation, giving you the ultimate flexibility in viewing the GPS from any angle. Replacement air vent clips are provided directly by Arkon under a limited lifetime warranty.

Product Features

  • Compatible with Garmin nuvi GPS devices with 17mm swivel ball mounting pattern
  • Mount clips onto horizontal car air vents with added support leg for extra stability
  • Supported by a lifetime limited warranty from Arkon

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2 Responses to Arkon Removable Swivel Air Vent GPS Car Mount Holder for Garmin nuvi 40 50 200 2013 24×5 25×5 GPS

  1. Michael D. Brown "MDBMD" says:

    Works well if your vents can handle it 0

  2. J. M. Fitzpatrick "John Fitzpatrick" says:

    A clever and useful accessory This vent mount is very useful, provided that your car has a suitable vent- this means the vent must be located suitably to accommodate the GPS unit, and the slats on the vent must be horizontal.I found the mount was very easy to use with my Nuvi 760. It was easy to attach to and detach from the vent. Also, it was straightforward to attach the GPS unit. There is an adjustable leg on the mount which helps to secure the mount to the vent in a stable fashion.Some people may…