AnyTone AT-6666 10Meter Amateur CB moblie radio 40CH 60W High Power AM FM SSB Amateur Transceiver

The AT-6666 best 10 meter cb radio is one of many so-called export radios.
The trick some manufacturers use is to initially limit the frequency range to 28.000 – 29.700 MHz and advertise these radios as ham radio transceivers.
Ham radio operators may use any mode and generally don’t have to worry about power output restrictions.

Packed with hundereds of features and covering AM, FM, USB (upper sideband), LSB (lower sideband) and offering a PA (public address loudspeaker output function),
this feature packed rig is perfect for any enthusiast – be it a beginner or high tier expert.

The Anytone AT6666 offers a whopping 60w output on SSB – more than the majority of rigs in it’s class.

Power Output:
AM RF Output (Maximum): 15W
FM RF Output (Maximum): 45W
SSB RF Output (Maximum): 60W

Frequency Range (HF Mode): 28.000-29.700MHz(PC Programmable)
Frequency Range (Export Mode): 25.615-30.105MHz(PC Programmable)
Frequency Bands : A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H/I
Channel : 40channels in each band
Frequency Control: Phase-Locked-Loop Synthesizer
Frequency Step: 100Hz/1KHz/10KHz/100KHz/1MHz
Frequency Tolerance : 5.0ppm
Frequency Stability: 0.001%
Temperature Range: -20c fo + 50c
Microphone: with push-to-talk /UP/DN and coiled cord
Input voltage: 13.8V
Weight: 3.4LB
Antenna connector: UHF,SO239

Package Includes:
1 x AT-6666 radio
1 x Microphone
1 x Install Bracket
1 x Microphone Hanger
1 x Fuse(15A 250V)
2 x Non-slip mat
4 x Screws
4 x Pads
4 x Adjusting Screws
1 x User’s Manual

Product Features

  • 1.HF Output Power: 35W PEP SSB instead of 31W PEP SSB, 35W FM instead of 28W; AM is same 12W RMS 48WPEP.
  • 2.Frequency Range: 28.000-29.7000MHz FM、AM、USB、LSB、PA mode Frequency Tuning Step 100Hz,1Khz,10KHz,100KHz,1MHz
  • 3.Big LCD displays frequency and all kinds of information,
    FM、AM、USB、LSB、PA mode,
    Frequency Tuning Step 100Hz 1KHz 10KHz 100KHz 1MHz,
    ±1.5KHz CLARLFILER Adjustment,
    Flexible Menu Function and PC Program Software.
    ECHO Function,
    SQ, ASQ Function(FM and AM mode only),
    RF GAIN Adjustment,
  • 4.RF PWR Adjustment,
    SCAN Function,
    Programmable RB Function,
    NB/ANL Function,
    DW DUAL-WATCH Function,
    BEEP Voice Prompt,
    +10KHZ Function,
    SWR、S/RF Function,
    TOT function,
    HI-CUT Function,
    SWR Protection,
    Power Supply Voltage Protection,
    Key-Lock Function,
    Seven(7) Color LCD Display.
    Six(6) Groups Memory Channel,
    CTCSS/DCS Code(Optional)
    DTMF Function
  • 5.We provide 1 year warranty and 30 days no reason to return; No matter any reason and within 30 days you can apply for a return

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