AmazonBasics 2-Port USB Car Charger with 2.1 Amp Total Output (Black)

Power two 5V accessories at the same time. Fit all types of European, American & Japanese Cars. For heavy-duty requirement device such as iPad, mobile phones, GPS, Mp3.Mp4 in car power source. LED indicator, Output voltage 5V, Output current 2.1A maximum

Product Features

  • Charge 2 USB powered devices simultaneously
  • 2 devices simultaneously charging will each receive approximately 1.0 apms
  • LED charging indicator light

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2 Responses to AmazonBasics 2-Port USB Car Charger with 2.1 Amp Total Output (Black)

  1. Leonard Part 6 says:

    A little modification… Smart phones and tablets have two charging modes: USB and AC. The mode the phone uses depends on what it thinks is charging it. If it thinks it is connected to a dumb charger it will go into AC mode and ask for as much current as it needs. If it thinks it is connected to a computer it goes into USB mode and asks for 500 mA because that is what the USB bus on most computers is capable of providing. Because of this, USB charge mode charges much more slowly than AC mode and on some devices that…

  2. Glenn R. Howes says:

    Bulky, Cheap Looking, but Functional I’ve been using a now unavailable Kensington PowerBolt as my car charger, mainly for my iPhone 4, but occasionally to reanimate my iPad 2. A single USB socket is fine for commuting, but on long car trips when my car is filled with children and gadgets, a double socket makes for a lot less futzing.I tested this by charging my iPhone 4 while in use, while simultaneously charging a Kindle Fire and it seems to work fine. On my 40 minute commute, I can add about 20% to the charge status…