Adaptiv Technologies TPX 2.0 Radar/Laser Detector – One Size

Adaptiv Technologies TPX 2.0 Radar/Laser Detector

– Angled, backlit, daylight visible liquid crystal display
– 3.5mm auxiliary out jack for integration with other audio or communication systems
– Recommended for use with TPX Wireless Headset and/or TPX visual alert
– Includes visual alert, wiring harness, universal mount plate adapter with hardware

Product Features

  • Version 2.0 features increased detection sensitivity and 3 additional user modes compared to the original version Adaptiv detectors
  • Specifically designed for motorcycle use, water, shock, and vibration resistant
  • Detects all radar and laser bands and is certified by Speed Measurement Labs
  • Audio and visual alerts
  • Oversize, backlit control buttons, easy to operate, even with gloves on

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3 Responses to Adaptiv Technologies TPX 2.0 Radar/Laser Detector – One Size

  1. Guy M. Hoovler says:

    Great purpose-specific radar/laser detector I purchased this after researching all the options for installing a radar detector on my 09 Kawasaki Concours. As I’m a long-distance touring rider, the convenience and usability of the device on long rides was what mattered most. My requirements were:* Must wire into and mount onto the bike – I don’t want wires going everywhere* Must have a visual alert system – I don’t want to run a bunch of audio into my helmet, and I wear earplugs and can’t hear much at highway…

  2. S & S Kim says:

    A very solid product with amazing customer service. After getting two tickets in 3 months on my bike, I finally decided to get a radar detector. However, most of thrones I was looking at, weren’t really made for use for life on two wheels. I finally came across the TPX radar detector, and decided to give it a shot, despite few the mediocre reviews, and I have to say that I was completely satisfied with this product. That is, until recently, where the thing finally broke on me. And now I am EXTREMELY happy I went with Adaptiv’s radar detector…

  3. JKC says:

    Detects WAY much more than radar… I certainly am confused by all the positive reviews on this unit as I just gave it a nearly 11K mile test drive (USA Four Corners tour) and it is quite literally the boy who cried wolf (or the radar detector who cried radar, as it were).My motorcycle was equipped with this unit while my buddy was carrying an Escort Max 360 connected to an iPhone running the nifty Escort Live software. I looked forward to checking the Adaptiv units sensitivity versus the Max 360. Unfortunately, the…